Saturday, August 25, 2012

$10 Ruelala Credit

There is a new deal with Ruelala.  For those who have not yet signed up, you can sign up right now and earn a free, no minimum purchase, $10 credit!  That means that if you buy something worth $10, it will be FREE!

If you are not yet on Ruelala, you totally should be.  It's my very favorite of all the deal sites.  They have the best sales that include clothing (every brand you can dream of), shoes, bags, travel, accessories and food.  For men, women and children.  I get lots of Lilly Pulitzer pieces from Rue.  I've had a lot of success over the years.

While I am at it, my second favorite site (and really the only other site I use regularly) is Gilt.  I've recently noticed that they not only have all the clothing deals but they also have the most amazing deals on gourmet foods and wines.  Like it's one of the most fantastic collections of yummy treats that I have ever seen online.  And at such great deal prices!  I totally recommend Gilt if you are looking for a treat for yourself or a gift for others (Believe it or not, Christmas is right around the corner!  Eeeks!).

So those are my shopping recs for the week.  I set both sites to email me when particular brands are going to be on sale.  So I really only get emails from them every now and then for sales I want to keep an eye on.  Go get your Rue and Gilt on, sweet friends! 

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Something Delightful by Rachel Timmerman said...

I am a member of both and LOVE both!! I get lot's of lilly from Rue Lala also! There's always a great sale of Rue :)

-Rachel @ A Preppy State of Mind


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