Thursday, August 23, 2012

Goldilocks And The Three Jean Jackets

There once was a little girl named Goldilocks.  Or...Preppy Pink Crocodile.  Take your pick.  And she refused to get rid of her three jean jackets, knowing full well that a classic will always come back in style.

Nearly two decades ago she purchased her first jean jacket, in the then popular very light washed out denim.  From the Gap. 

Then in college, she purchased her second jean jacket, as popularity in jean washes had changed.  The cool kids were wearing this medium denim wash.  And so was Goldilocks, gosh darn it.  Also from the Gap.

Then out of college and working her faux big girl job as a retail manager in a mall, the tides of denim washes changed again.  Dark was in.  Light and medium were out.  So she once again visited the Gap for a dark wash denim jacket.

Then denim jackets seemed out of style altogether.  Many were donated to thrift shops nationwide.  But not Goldilocks.  No, no.  She made no such charitable donations. 

Goldilocks hung on to all three denim jackets.  For safe keeping.  Because she is brilliant.  Or a mild clothes hoarder.  Fine line.  But not my point.

She really thought that one day, all three denim wash jean jackets would be back en vogue.  And if that turned out to be the case, why buy something that you already have?  In three shades.

Goldilocks likes to be prepared.  She's like a Boyscout of denim.  So she would probably get kicked out of the Boyscouts.  But again...I digress.

Well guess what seems to be in style again, my sweet peaches?

Denim jackets.

And Goldilocks has her choice.  In the back of her closet hangs three options.  Light, medium and dark.

Life was good for this blonde denim jacket hoarder who lived fashionably ever after!


Casey said...

I feel too old to wear denim jackets because I wore them in the 80s and 90s.

Buford Betty said...

I personally say that they never go out of style. How you wear them changes and sure, the wash and cut... But denim jackets in general? Always in! I too never get rid of those!

Kirstin @ Hello Kirsti said...

Proof classic pieces always work their way back =D

Dr. Blondie said...

Oh, you are brilliant. I love this post!:)

BroncoMom said...

And they lived happily ever after!!

Natalie said...

I have a GAP jean jacket that I held onto also!!

3 Peanuts said...

Oh oh and I have a white one too. I am just like you a mild clothes hoarder:)

Ker said...

This post cracked me up. Especially since this summer I was (passively) looking for a new, fitted jean jacket. In super dark denim or white. I never found one that looked good on me... and now summer is over. Wish I'd kept mine from ~5 years ago...


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