Sunday, August 26, 2012

Another Summer Ends

I can't believe summer is over.  I've known this day was coming and actually, it started last week.  But today is the first real day for me and my duties. 

Summer is over.  Fall is here. 

Insert frowny face.  I pink puffy heart summer.  I pink puffy heart being able to procrastinate and avoid and hide my head in the sand because no one is looking for two months.  I miss it already!

Dear Lord,

Please please don't let this be a horrible year. 

And please let people act respectful.  And nice.  And thoughtful.  And adult.

Please don't let this year take away (more of) my sparkle.  And please don't let it kill me.

And if you have it in you, please let me refill my sparkle cup.  I'm plum out of spunk and energy.  I could really use a volunteering miracle to allow me to enjoy this year!



Barb said...

I feel exactly the same way. We'll get through it together, but I hope we don't just have to power through. I really hope we get to enjoy it this year, that things improve, that ladies are happy. I don't think that's too much to hope for.

<3 barb

MCW said...

That is not a job I would want! I know how my friends and I were during recruitment...

BTW the Kit Organic bars are not as soft and slimy as the Lara. That's why I like them better!


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