Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wear Pink And Make The Boys Wink

The last four to six weeks have been a big ball of stress.  A lot has happened.  Fundraisers, a few trips, work, volunteering, personal stuff, private stuff, my birthday, yucky stuff, completely awesome stuff, and then some.  It's been a doozy!

But it's not all been heavy and mopey at the Casa de Crocodile.  In fact, I think the following might ring true for a few of you, too!

Story #1: I am in FL visiting bestie Florida and my Godbabies J and E.  But gasp...I am not wearing pink one day.  I honestly thought nothing of it.  But J, my 2.5 year old Godson, comes up to me and asks "Why you not wearing pink today Auntie KK?!"  Do I really wear that much pink?  I guess I do if my baby boy J thinks to ask it unsolicited.  At least I made an impression!

Story #2: While in FL on the above mentioned trip (nine glorious days of Godbabies and sisters and sunshine oh my!), Melissa emails to tell me my swap package (full story and photos coming tomorrow...I promise!) is arriving at my house.  This has been such a hassle for her sweet swappy buddy self and I did NOT want round two to end up like round one.  I have been feeling so terrible about this swap and was worried it would get returned to her before I got back in town.  So I sent Daddy-o on a mission to collect my package at the Post Office.  But I wasn't there obviously to sign the slip allowing him to pick up my package.  I told him to just make it work because that package needed to be safe and sound inside my house come hell or high water.  So he goes and explains to the woman working that he is my father and I am out of town but asked him to get the package please.  She pauses, looks at the name, looks up at Dad and asks him one question.  "What's her favorite color?"  Not.  Even.  Kidding.  I am still laughing so hard thinking about it.  Of course dad answered pink!  You should note that I go to the PO a LOT.  Like a lot a lot.  Again, I had no idea I ever made such an impression on my lovely local postal workers.  But I guess it totally worked in my favor because the package was sitting on the kitchen counter, safely waiting for me when I arrived home last night. 

Tomorrow...a swappy tale and photos too!


Love Being A Nonny said...

hilarious that the post office knew your favorite color!

REBrown said...

I'm in the post office all the time too - I feel like they know me.

Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled said...

I love it! My kinderGators actually think I am sick or sad if I don't have on PiNk! It is the BEST!!!!! Can't wait to see your Swap loot. I am certain it is pinkalicious! This year was the best ever!!

Love and Hugs,
Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled

BroncoMom said...

In my mind one can NEVER wear to much pink!!!

Becky said...

I always feel like I'm wearing pink too! It's such a happy color and I love wearing it.

Paula@SweetPea said...

Thanks for the laugh! I love it that the post office lady knows your favorite color is pink.

Suburban Princess said...

LOL people always comment when I'm not wearing pink too! And I am at the PO a few times a week...I bet they would give my husband a parcel for me...everyone in town knows him as SP's husband lol

c said...

ha! it's always interesting how much people can learn about you just while you do errands


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