Friday, March 30, 2012

It's Swaptastic!

*I thought this posted as scheduled, more than a week ago.  So so sorry to Melissa that it took me this long to realize it never went up!

I've not signed up for a swap in a long time.  I've just had some mixed experiences and stopped for a while.  Reading the posts is almost as much fun anyway- I love to see what others put together.  When Hopsy posted that she was hosting a pink swap though, it just sounded like a fun time to jump back into the mix of things.

It actually took me a while to figure out what to make/buy for sweet Melissa.  I can't even believe this but I was somehow, mysteriously, not a regular reader of her blog.  That sort of embarrasses me because she is adorable and completely awesome.  How could I have over-looked such a fantastic blogger?!  Have no fear, I have seen the pink and green light and am now a very regular blog and Twitter reader!  My point is that it took me a while to figure out what might be a nice gift box to send.  Melissa on the other hand, was on top of things!  She got her goodies in the mail to me completely on time.


They never came.  I really didn't think much of it at first.  I was a few days late mailing her package so I was not at all sweating hers.  I knew it was coming. 

But finally a few weeks after she sent it via FedEx, I asked if she had the tracking number.  Again, I was not worried that she didn't send it.  But at this point I was worried it was lost in a truck somewhere.  She jumped on top of that and found out that, according to FedEx, it had already been delivered.  It had been left at the door. 

Um, so not true.  I live in a city.  And I work from home so I am getting boxes all the time.  No one ever ever ever just leaves a package at the door.  Never!  Even my Sunday newspapers get swiped if I don't run down to bring them in right away. 

So Melissa posted a claim with FedEx and the next day a delivery man showed up asking me about it.  I explained the story and he kept saying he had no memory of this as it was weeks earlier.  Which seems true.  Why would he remember one package in the thousands he must deliver in a given week?  But then as I said a few more times that the package never came, he "suddenly remembered" that he did in fact leave it at the door weeks earlier.  Uh huh. 

I honestly think this is a fairly innocent mistake on FedEx's end that has now spiralled into a big ole mess.  But the fact is that Melissa took the time to package up a box and send it express and it is now lost in space.

I have felt HORRIBLE about all of this.  I know it's not actually my fault but I still feel so to blame for this mess.  But then came Feb/March.  My personal spiral out of control months.  When I was a mad woman between all of the things I was doing.  So when Melissa sent me a Twitter note saying she was re-sending this package, I thought that I would email her later that night to explain how unnecessary that was.  I knew none of this was her fault.  I wasn't at all mad.  She did nothing wrong!  But I forgot.  I forgot to send that email.  And then sort of forgot about it altogether.

In my defense, my life had a little fall apart moment.  I forgot about a lot of things (birthdays of good friends included) for a while.  I am spending a great deal of time making the rounds in apology-ville these days.  I was just not a great friend the last few weeks/months.  I owe nearly every one of my friends a phone call.  Or three.  Indy girls...this weekend....I promise!

So when I was on vaca in Florida, Melissa sent me a note that the new package (she went and bought all new treats and re-sent it via USPS this time) was due to arrive.  So that is when I had my dad go to the post office and proclaim pink as my favorite color to secure the package for me.

So Melissa, you did not have to do this!  You went over the top and I was so shocked when I saw all of the amazingly fun treats inside.  Thank you thank you thank you, Melissa!!  If you do not already read her blog, you must!  She is so super fabulous!!

Want to see what arrived?  It's so fun...

Isn't everything so cute!  Lots of pink and chocolate brown.  And chocolate!!

I adore this wrapping paper!  Reminds me of the Lilly print last summer.  And I want to learn how to do cool printables like this one.  Don't you just love it?  I have it up at my sewing desk.  A good reminder when I get frustrated over little things.

Two sets of cute napkins- so excited because I use fun napkins a LOT.  And an adorable blue flower pin/hair clip.  Did you make this M?  So cute!  And so me!

OK I am not sure you realize this M but I actually have a big BIG love of Whoopie Pies!  And documented my first (and FAILED) attempt to make them a few years ago on here.  So this is quite possibly the most perfect prezzie for me!

Love this book in part because it includes giant, glossy photos.  I need a picture to tell me what things are supposed to look like.

Two sets of Caspari tissues (never leave home without a pack in my purse), cute pink popcorn boxes, the most beautiful little pink bowl and my favorite part of the gift box, a necklace from Forever 21.  I have been in that store more than a dozen times.  And never ever found a single thing.  But blog friends find the cutest pieces in there.  Including this cupcake necklace that I have been wearing non-stop since opening the box.  Love it!


Ally said...

FUN! Hope you are doing well! :) xo

WorthyStyle said...

What a fun package! Everything looks lovely

Beth Dunn said...

Great gift package!

Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled said...

Pink~a~licious SwAp prezzies! How very sweet of M. to do a rinse and repeat! Goofy deliverymen!!!

Love and Hugs,
Mrs. Kindergarten

Wendy said...

That was so sweet of her to resend the package and what great treats she sent too!

Anonymous said...

The swaps are such a great idea because it opens your mind to new things - but moreover, it's the excitement like being 8 again! She has sent you lovely parcel! Everyone gets off their A-Game from time to time - your friends will all love you and understand if you haven't been able to keep in touch.Hugs!


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