Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Real Nail Biter

Did anyone see the Strange Addiction show on TLC last night?  I have seen commercials for weeks now about the woman with the nauseatingly long nails and just had to watch. 

Oh Em Gee!

So disgusting.  I'm sorry but I just do not have another word in my vocabulary.  Yuck yuck yuck.

And to hear her keep going on and on about how sexy her long toenails made her feel.  How without them she would lose 50% of her identity.  How her Godson has to act as her body guard so no one steps on toenails.  (Let's discuss how a grown man- her Godson- rubs lotion on her feet and is her toenail bodyguard.  Disturbing on another level.)

My favorite part was when she cut the front of a pair of sneakers off to accommodate her giant toenails hanging out.  Because that's normal.


But what got me is that her fingernails were not just inches long.  But several feet long.  All long and curly and cumbersome.  And the show pretty much never mentioned these 10 giant fingernails.  Her fingernails are longer than my longest strand of hair!  No mention of that.  The entire show focused on her two giant toenails.


Whatever.  It was all horribly disturbing.  A total train wreck that I couldn't turn off. 

Of course I can't function with finger nails longer than my finger itself and don't like them to be painted.  So I am probably not this woman's target audience. 

Please tell me I am not the only one who admits seeing this ridiculous show!


Wifer said...

There is a court reporter that I see every 3 months and her nails are so long that they curve toward her palm. I love long nails but Lordy enough is enough;-)

Hope you are feeling better emotionally. Remember you are loved!

REBrown said...

I saw this and couldn't decide what was worse, her nasty nails or the lady eating dirt! Where do they find these people?

Emily Ruth said...

ew ew ew....

Susan R said...

Sweet Mother of Abraham Lincoln. That is absolutely sickening. Immediately my minds starts going with all the "how does she do this" or "how does she do that" type questions. Personal hygene type things.

The enchanted home said...

OMG OMG...I just lost my appetite for breakfast. diet fad! I think you are onto something.
That is beyond gross. As in a new word should be invented as none seem appropriate enough to convey how about gross, dysfunctional and crazy this is!

MHM1314 said...

Is it bad that my first reaction is less "oh how gross" but more "HOW DO THEY ACCOMPLISH ANY TASKS WITH THEIR FINGERS"???? Like, what if this woman wears contacts! How does she scratch an itch? How does she put on eye makeup? How does she pick her nose? How does she HOLD things in her hand?!

Ally Albon said...

That... is just nasty. And how on earth does she do the housework?

Ruth said...

That is nasty.


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