Monday, March 12, 2012

Abracadabra We Have Your Underwear

One summer when we were little, Florida and her family met me and my dad at Ridin-Hy Ranch during summer vacation.  It was the best joint family vacation too!

We rode horses and swam in the lake and played tennis and ate in the dining room and danced with our dads at night while Florida's mom stayed in the room with her little sisters.  Now that I think about it, this was like a less glamorous and super G rated version of Dirty Dancing.  Anyway. 

Be prepared to be impressed when I tell you that Florida and I won the paddle boat race!  First place.  We got matching tie-died t-shirts as our big prize.  The only tie-died thing I have ever owned.  I bet you didn't know such a boating rock star was in your blogging presence, did you?!  I try to keep these major life successes humble and on the DL, as to not make any less successful paddle boaters feel inferior. 

So one night, they had this cheesy magician.  I should tell you that I am not a particularly big fan of magicians.  I find they fall into one of two categories: super creepy (ala Chris Angel) or sleazy failed comedians.  But I was young and there with my best friend Florida and our dads.  We had a ball.  This magician did several tricks that within a day, we had figured out how to replicate.  We thought we were soooo clever!

So later that summer, back at home, Florida and I decided to put on one of our famous shows.  But we kicked it up a notch and did an entire magic routine.  Being the crafty caterpillar that I am, I made this completely awesome magician's hat out of black construction paper.  Including a false bottom.  Oh the revelation of my talents in this post is never ending!  In the bottom of this paper hat, we hid a pair of white baby doll underwear.  I don't know why we didn't use a normal size pair of undies but for whatever reason that is what we stuck in there. 

So we invited some of the neighbors over for our magic show, including this little boy, Andrew.  He was probably five at the time.  He's probably married now.  But I digress.  So we do our show and it is actually really great given our age and lack of magic knowledge.  Every bit of it was homemade.  No kits or lessons.  So for our final bit, we do the abracadabra and pull out the undies from the false bottom.  We used Andrew as our person- so the guise was that the undies were his.  Purely based on his size vs the size of the hidden undies.

We expected oohs and aahs and laughs.

Instead, Andrew cried and wailed with embarrassment that they were NOT his underwear. 

This was more than 20 years ago and I still feel the exact same mix of guilt for making a little boy cry and laughter at accidentally making a little boy cry over baby doll underwear in a paper hat.

Also, purely because of the word underwear, every time I hear the Barenaked Ladies song Pinch Me, I think of this silly little childhood moment.


Unknown said...

That is a fabulous story! What a fun family vacation. My parents would never be game for that. Happy Monday!

Suburban Princess said...

What a great story! Such innocent times!

REBrown said...

Too funny!


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