Thursday, November 6, 2008

Holiday Swap

Many of you have asked me about swaps, hoping to sign up. Well lucky you, I've decided to host one finally. This is my first time organizing a swap- can you believe it? I participate in them all the time though so I have high hopes I can find happy partners for everyone. Here's the scoop....

*Three gifts

- 1. One gift that represents you. (Your favorite dish or your family tradition or whatever. Just something that reflects your personality. A little bit of sharing of yourself, if you will.)

- 2. One gift that is handmade. (It can be made by your own two hands or someone else's hands- think craft show or your neighbor's small business or Etsy or a local farmer's market. Just made by actual hands rather than mass produced.)

- 3. One decoration. (Think ornament or dip bowl or...well y'all are creative....get to know your swap pal and find a little something you just know she will enjoy.)

If you can make an ornament that represents your family traditions, then I guess you get to have two bonus gifts. You are welcome to spell out a word if that helps. JOY might work. But it's certainly not necessary if you think it limits your creativity. The point is that this swap is fairly flexible. The gift rules above are simply guidelines. Be creative! Have fun! And make a new bloggy buddy! Your limit is $25, not including shipping.

Please email me at pinkcrocodiledesigns @ hotmail . com by Monday November 10th. Please say "Holiday Swap" in the subject line to help me keep organized. Your email should include your name, email address, mailing information and blog address. It's OK if you don't have a blog but please make sure you email your buddy to give her a little insight on your likes and dislikes. It's also fine to participate if you do not celebrate Christmas. Just be sure to let your buddy know what holiday you do celebrate at this time of year. I will list the swap pals by Thursday November 13th. Packages must be sent out by Monday December 08th.


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