Friday, November 14, 2008

Holiday Swap List

So here's the list girls. I only have some of your email addresses/mailing information. But I will email out what I do have shortly. Please contact your buddy in the next few days to check in. There are a few without blogs too- try to email your buddy a little about yourself to make her shopping easier.

Use the rules as a guideline but be creative and have fun! If for some reason I missed adding anyone to the list, just let me know. And if you have changed your mind about participating, please please let me know ASAP! I've been in two swaps where my buddy let me know she wasn't going to participate by just not mailing a package. It made for a sad little crocodile. If you no longer feel like participating, please just let me know now and we can easily work it out.

Maureen and Sweetiemom
Clara and Beth
KK and Hollie
Jennifer (Little) and Flamingos and Flipflops
Laura and Loves The Cape
Rebekah and Ali
Lindsay and Preppy Chemist
Elliott Family and Three Boys
Scrapper and Rachel

Happy Holiday Swapping!!


Courtney said...

Hi. Your my swap partner for the Grove Gals Swap. Email me so I can find out more about what you like and get your address to to mail it.
Here's my email:
*Just read your post. I promise you will get a present from me and you won't be a sad little crocodile this year!

Maureen said...

Hey! I haven't heard from my swap partner, and I don't think she has a blog... if you hear from her, let me know? If not, no biggie.


elliotts said...

I am a little swap partner commmented on how lovely my gift was to her...yet I received nothing in return......Of course it is always nicer to give than to receive, however, I think it is unfair when you sign up to do something with strangers, send some kindness their way and they do not return....


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