Monday, November 24, 2008

This And That

I just picked Sadie up from the vet (see...I told you we lived there) and things are just fine. She finally was able to get in for her baseline chest and abdomen x-rays. My father's comment to that was, "She's so small, why the heck can't they just take one x-ray to see both areas?" To which I replied, "because they would only be able to charge me one fee Dad....and it's all about the add-on's in life!" I mean, I don't think they are necessarily out to get me but they have a business to run just like everyone else these days. Her heart is in fact enlarged but they said that was nothing to be concerned with at this point. So I am not. I'm pretty sure it just means she is extra full of love for her momma! Oh and the new food is working as she has gained two pounds in the last week. Whew!!

I am flabbergasted that Thanksgiving is only a few days away. This year my only duty is to make pumpkin pie and bring ice cream. Mind you, given the option I will eat the apple instead of pumpkin pie and I think that ice cream on top of anything beyond a bowl is foul. Why on earth would you ruin a perfectly good piece of anything with soggy ice cream?! That is a craze that is just outside of my realm of understanding. I seriously feel strongly about this topic. What's the point of cold, soggy pie?

I sort of miss living not near my family because I miss hosting Thanksgiving for my friends. I miss being in charge if you must know. I am not a control freak but I do love to plan and organize and prepare things. Like making the list of what I need to buy and when to prep what gives me a bit of a high. I love cooking waaay too much and I honestly enjoy having everyone tell me that they loved my meal. Not because I am seeking praise but because it's nice knowing my hard work and love is appreciated. But I most love being able to make Thanksgiving sammys afterwards- you know- turkey plus dressing plus cranberry sauce between bread! So while I am up in the mountains at my cousin's house toasting the holiday, I will be cooking a turkey breast in my beloved crockpot. All because I want my stinkin' sandwiches. Mmmm...I can taste them already!

I've been listening to Christmas music in my car for about a week now. Is that bad? It's like 20 degrees colder than average around here lately so it feels like I should be fa la la la la-ing it about town. Today, Josh Groban. tell me... Do you have a favorite Holiday CD? One can never have too many Christmas tunes in their life!

Why are Vineyard Vines pants so dang long? They are made for gazelles, I believe! I'm 5'6" with long everything. That's 2" taller than the average female. And I always have to hem my VV pants. I have the cutest pair of brown VV cords with dogs on them that I wanted to wear today but totally forgot that they have not yet been hemmed. Bummer. Guess what I will be doing tonight?

Ah, my life is so thrilling! Hard to believe I'm single, really. Obsessed with her dog, abnormally strong opinions about ice cream as a desert accompaniment and spends her evenings hemming pants with critters all over them. Who wouldn't want all that?!


Gracie Beth said...

Thanks for the heads up about the VV pants. I will not order any being that I am 5'2" and they will probably not look good after being hemmed that much. J crew pants also drive me crazy because the short version are always at least 3" too long.

Buford Betty said...

Glad Miss Sadie Kate appears to be in the clear...

And by the way, in Atlanta, guys go nuts for girls who can hem pants. You should move!

Anonymous said...

Miss PPC, we are so relieved to hear that Miss Sadie is okay. That's good news.

You are just like so many of my family with love for the day after Thanksgiving sandwiches and other goodies. they would probably prefer everything be cooked Wednesday so Thursday they could go straight to the 'sammich' fun!


Kate said...

Wow... I didn't think there were other people out there who liked making grocery lists and planning holiday dinners!

I am so glad to hear Miss Sadie is doing ok and I think you are right... big heart=big love.

Hope you have a very preppy Thanksgiving!!!

Kate said...

I find that almost all pants are too long for me (and I am almost 6'!) because they are made to be worn with heels. Such a pain!


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