Friday, September 5, 2008

Mmmm...Cherry Pie!

You know me, a swap-aholic! I had like two days this summer when I was thinking, gosh I am finished with all of my swaps and I miss them. I searched and found the Thanksgiving Apron Swap first. Since I love a good apron, I signed right up! The rules were to make a full body apron and matching oven mitt.

This adorable apron arrived the other day. Isn't is so fun? Plus the hand towel and "K" coasters. And a recipe for Tar Heel Pie that sounds crazy sweet but totally delish!

In return (to a different partner) I sent what I am humbly calling my cutest creation ever! I actually had this idea for an apron pocket last year and have been sketching it in hopes of finding a reason to sew it. So one side is that caramel brown color and has a round pocket in the same color. But the other side is that jewel tone with a cherry pie pocket! Cherry fabric covered in lattice and crust made of felt. Totally washable (though she might stick it in a laundry bag so that the lattice doesn't fall apart) and dry-able. I know it's not perfect, but I really do think it's cute and fun. I hope she agrees! As for the oven mitt....I plead first-timers. I didn't use a real pattern and it is very evident. It is still very usable but it is definitely not beautiful. Sorry!

The second swap (I think I signed up for this one the same day....I was over-zealous because within two or three days I signed up for a whopping SIX swaps. I know, I'm nuts!) was the Spooky Boo Scary Apron Swap. But since I don't really like scary fabrics (or anything else scary for that matter), I did more of a general Halloween theme. I hope that's OK. The rules were to include a full body apron, matching oven mitt, a fabric bag and candy.

So I made this little gem. Black and white polka dots on one side (they don't photograph well) and orange dots on the other side. The oven mitt (again, sorry I am not yet skilled at my oven mitt skills) is black and white on the outside and lined with the orange. And the favorite part of the swap package! Isn't it cute! Perfect for trick-or-treating or just running errands around town. Boo!


Laura said...

swaps are too much fun! where do you swap through? I've used swap-bot in the past

lisagh said...

That cherry pie pocket is one of the cutest, most creative things I've ever seen.

I'm not a fan of swaps (bad experience) but you're doing it like a pro!

News Readin' Wife said...

L-O-V-E the cherry pie ensemble. Too cute.
Confession: I've never swapped!
How do you even know where to look?
Details please, Preppy Pink Crocodile!

frankenpug said...

THanks! I just got my apron in the mail today and I LOVE it! Very tastefully done and nicely constructed! I am going to put yours in the mail on Monday...Thanks again and I hope you like the one I made for you:) Happy Halloween!

Hopsy said...

I am telling you, etsy is calling your name!!

frankenpug said...

Did you get your Halloween apron yet? I mailed it last Tuesday and it was only supposed to take 3 days...I am hoping it didn't get lost in the mail...


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