Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dear Indigo Girls,

Dear Ticket Master,

I think you should require people to register their height when purchasing tickets to concerts. If I had known that my seemingly awesome seat was two rows directly behind THE TALLEST MAN IN THE WORLD, perhaps I would have chosen another seat.


Dear Angry Couple Sitting Next To Me,

You do know that if we are so close that our elbows touch that I can hear you, right? So when you turned around to the girl behind me to make a comment about me, I could hear you. Because my head was only about six inches from yours. And since I am being so bold, a little sugar goes a long way. Smile once in a while. It's fun and it leads to fewer blog posts where people refer to you as "angry."


Dear Girl Wearing A Poncho,

OK so your fashion choice was questionable. Especially considering it was about 400 degrees in that theater. But I enjoyed your enthusiasm. It was cute. I would have been more enthusiastic too, but it was a pretty subdued crowd. Probably due to the sweltering heat. What annoyed me to pieces was when you decided to whip out your camera to video record songs. It was bright and distracting and ridiculous. Seriously, what was the point? You can listen to songs online. A crappy video of 2/3 of a song is for what exactly?


Dear Parents Of Children In The Audience,

Your kids were good. But I was a big shocked to see so many kids under the age of eight in attendance. It was kind of late. Nice to see that your kids already have such fabu taste in music though.


Dear Julie,

You're adorable and your jeans were cute. Who makes them? I am forever searching for cute jeans. By "forever", I should probably specify that means like twice a year. I don't like trying on clothes. And am easily frustrated. Anyway, love your jeans.


Dear Indigo Girls,

Y'all were awesome. As always! I loved that impromptu acapella number you did. Beautiful! And it was funny to see the "Great Harmonica Debacle of '08" go down. Stuff like that makes it feel more personal. Have you ever considered letting a fan in each city pick your play list? And by "a fan," I mean me. Because it's all about me. Tehe. Seriously though, I think that would be fun to have your fans pick their favorite songs in each city. And again, to be clear, by "fans," I mean me. I would for sure include old favorites like Least Complicated and Mystery. Oh and that hidden extra song (whatever you call it when there are extra songs not listed in the jacket on CD's) on the green CD (sorry, I never remember CD titles). Anyway, think about it. I promise to make it a good mix of new and old stuff. Fans would love it. Do I need to say that by "fans" I mean me? Glad we had this little chat. Thanks for coming to my little city. It is always exciting to hear y'all in person. Happy touring!



Anonymous said...

LOVE the Indigo Girls!!! Least Complicated is a great other favorites are Ghost, Galileo, and Jonas & Ezekiel! :)

tulipmom said...

Lucky You! I'd love to see the Indigo Girls in concert!

Thanks for letting us know those cute green loafers run narrow. I never would have guessed .... I know EXACTLY what you mean about most Target shoes being wide enough to fit both of your feet ... same here. I'll have to see if my Target has them in my size.

Have a great weekend!


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