Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Whole Bunch Of Nothing

Guess what I did yesterday? Nothing! Not a single thing. Well that's not entirely true. I went to the grocery store to pick up something for dinner and I walked the dog. And I read several magazines and watched a lot of mindless TV and some football too. Oh and when I got home from the grocery store without the one item I actually needed, I went back out after dinner. But this time I went to Target, enjoyed the first sign of Fall with a fabulous Pumpkin Spice Latte, and walked around aimlessly. It was delightful. And shock of all shocks, I didn't even buy anything other than the one item I actually set out to purchase. It was a rainy, dreary day and I have to say, it was awesome! I have not been getting enough sleep and this do nothing day was exactly what I needed. A mind and body vacation right in my own home. De-light-ful! I highly recommend it!

So during my brain break yesterday, I spotted a new (to me anyway) commercial that left me with a rather quizzical look on my face each and every time it aired. This commercial is pro corn syrup. It brags that it is made of corn and no worse than sugar and honey. Perhaps they have the same calorie count but there is no way a processed sweetener is the same as honey and other natural sweeteners. I feel that this commercial is on the same level as saying that most kids don't get hurt from playing with guns or smoking doesn't make everyone sick or some people eat fast food every day and remain skinny and healthy. It's deceiving and in poor taste and just really bothered me.

And....(see, I really did flip through a lot of TV yesterday!)...what on earth do people think they are going to solve by violently protesting in from of Kacey Anthony's house? If that little girl is dead (which I think she likely is- so so sad!!), they are not going to bring her back or even find her by getting violent. Violence solves nothing people! It must suck to be one of the innocent neighbors who now have to deal with this black mark on their once nice and normal neighborhood. And those poor heart just goes out to them! If Kacey killed that sweet little girl, I hope she just finally comes clean so that the family can make peace and say goodbye.

Don't forget that I will pick a winner from this post tomorrow evening.

I hope everyone is having a wonderfully relaxing weekend! Happy Sunday.


Insight, Insanity, Imagination said...

I saw that very same commercial today, and had pretty much the same reaction. But sadly, people will believe it because it was on TV.

preppy little dress AKA "PLD" said...

sometimes you just need those days to relax and do nothing! wish i had more of them myself, ha! ha! hope you enjoyed your pumpkin spice latte and that you didn't spend to much at target. i can never get out of that place without easily spending $75 - most of which i didn't need! ha! ha!

Hopsy said...

That is sick about the corn syrup! It is horrible for you! I read the back of just about everything I buy and refuse to buy most products that use it (with the exception of my cookies cake). Beware of lots of big name yogurts!

PS glad you had a great, relaxing weekend!

GrannySmithGreen said...

What is it about Target and Starbucks? It's a perfect combination. I too have had that relaxing stroll through the aisles!

Corn Syrup! Give me a break! What company was it?

adozeneggs said...

sometimes its so nice to do nothing! I'm longing for one of those days! Also, wishing I could get a pumpkin spice latte.
It's amazing how many foods in the supermarket contain corn syrup.

Preppy Lizard said...

Don't you just love days like that. I am so ready for crisp fall days.

AJLinBoston said...

I saw that commercial as well and at first was very confused; there was an ad in my local paper yesterday too!

Do-nothing days are great, glad you had a good one!

Mary Beth said...

Lazy Sundays are the best! I always feel so energized for the week when I get a chance to have one.

I haven't seen the corn syrup commercial yet, I'll have to look for it.

Mad About Plaid Girl said...

Good for you for relaxing AND for only buying what you set out to next time you find a bunch of crap to buy, you will feel like you can because you restrained yourself last time. Congrats! :)

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

I'm so glad you mentioned those commercials. They showed one during "Top Design" last night and it disturbed me so much I almost mentioned it in my recap (but then decided I'd better stay on topic...). Sorry, corn industry, but I'm just not buying that it's no worse than sugar or honey.

I love the look of your blog. So cheery with the green and pink! -Julia :-)


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