Friday, September 26, 2008

Peeping Busted

So my big plans to leaf peep from home to Manchester and back again today were a bust. As predicted. It poured! It was windy! And it made for some nervous moments this morning on my drive up as cars were swerving all over the place, myself included. Oh it's too bad too because the leaves are starting to change up in the mountains. I'll have to plan another little venture up that way in the coming weeks to take pictures.

My haircut is THE BEST cut and color I have had in years!! Don't get me wrong, I like my local girl a lot. But she is about 25 minutes away and Manchester is only about an hour away. I'll probably just go ahead and make the drive. Honestly I just LOVE Manchester and any excuse to get up there works for me. Have y'all been up there before? Probably not. Oh it's adorable! The prettiest little town with nice shops (outlets!) and fantastic restaurants and coffee shops and clean streets. It's charming and like a scene from a movie. Love it! It's the home of Orvis, for all you out-doorsy folks. I am not one of those people. Shocking, I know. But it's there and it too is a really pretty building. Anyway, my hair is adorable! The back looks like Sienna Miller's (when she wore it it still short? I have no idea. Honestly, I feel bad, but I have no idea who she is...actress? Party girl? I know she sleeps with married men but that's seriously all I know about her. So she's probably not sending me a Christmas card this year.) and the front looks a little like Hillary Swank (really just my bangs are like hers. Not the overall shape. I've tried to do pixie but unless you are cute and little like Audry or Natalie, it just does not look that cute.). And the color is fantastic. Oooh, I'm a happy girl. I love a good cut and color!!

The rain did not stop me from doing a bit of shopping though. Mission accomplished at Burberry. One new quilted barn jacket for this little crocodile. I don't believe that is the technical term but that's what I've always called it, so .... This is not my jacket as mine is black. This is a random pic from Ebay because the pics online were hard to see. This wild blue makes for a better photograph. Can't imagine wearing that color though....glad I bought classic black.

I picked up a cozy pair of fleece pants (that I am wearing right now- so super comfie!) at JCrew that were on sale today. They didn't have much that made me stop and look really. Oh they did have several fun blazers but they were all in size zero. Um...that's not a size. And I bought a pair of pink Lilly chinos and an adorable silk black watch type skirt (VV) from Five Seasons - both 75% off. I also solidified the fact that I am incredibly self-centered. Not only did I suggest that they carry Bonannos, but I talked them up for a good five minutes and wrote down the website. It's all about me, people! I want my shoe supply local. And I want to see other preps sporting monogrammed Emmas. I want to wear my shoes and not explain that the shoes were not magically monogrammed for me to purchase. That I ordered them this way. Anyway, I'm on a mission to paint my town (area) preppy, one monogrammed accessory at a time!

Oh I also had the most delicious bowl of carrot pumpkin soup at Ponce Gourmet (next to Brooks Brothers). They make everything fresh and use local ingredients. It's small but the quality was outstanding. I also met a cute gal wearing fun yellow shoes and a matching coat and her mom in there. Unfortunately I was in a spacey mood as it was the end of the day and I realized that my increasingly painful headache was likely due to the fact that I forgot to eat. How I forget to eat is beyond me. But every now and then I do. Like today. And then my mood all goes to hell in a handbasket. I wish I had been in a better mood because she was so sweet and totally friendly and I could use more local girlfriends. I've lived here several years now and I still don't have a very large friend base in the area.

As usual, I'm watching the news and blog rambling at the same time. Bottom line is that despite the icky weather, I had a great day. And I will definitely get back up there soon (on a sunny day of course!) to take pics of my leaf peeping adventures.


The Pink Owl said...

Love that jacket! Burberry is amazing.

p.s. I'm making your crockpot recipe on Sunday! So excited, as I love brussel sprouts! I'll let you know how it turns out.

Angie said...

Your haircut sounds cute! I love when I get a great cut, and I love your jacket it will be perfect for fall!

Belle- Pink Cupcake said...

i LOVE manchester! I was there like a month ago and its simply amazing! When we went we stayed at the inn at manchester overnight and headed to orvis which is so fun! I love lilly and burberry and jcrew and polo! Im really jelous of your barn jacket, was it alot cheaper than retail at the outlet?

Kelly B said...

It's great to hear you were able to get some goodies even with the rain! I've been a lurker for a while (I don't think I've introduced myself), and made it a new goal to let everyone know I'm reading ... so here I am. I love the Bonanno's too - I'm considering wearing them as my "comfy" wedding shoes later in the evening :) Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Oh Miss PPC, what a bummer on the leaves, but how very cool on the hair! Whoo-hoo! (Is there anything that can provide as much relief and rejoicing as a good cut?! At times we think not.)

Good job on getting the coat, and yes, we do understand the need for more than one in parts of the world. We would also call it a barn coat, but then, we have not exactly been in sync with Burberry for quite some time.

And fleece pants are sounding oh-so-snuggly right now, oh yes! The soup sounds outstanding. We actually can make an excellent carrot ginger soup that we love this time of year. Sad to think it's time to stop making the chilled berry soups and dig out the hot soups again!

Hope the rest of the weekend is grand!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

You know, I'm not actually sure if the price is that much lower than buying it retail. Maybe a little lower but not a lot. I needed new coats like two years ago though so I was OK with the price as on really cannot put a price on both staying warm and looking cute at the same time. :) They did have some fun sales that I thankfully resisted. Adorable ballet flats for like $40 I think. But I was a good girl and didn't bring those home with me.

Gracie Beth said...

I love the jacket!

Preppy Mama said...

I didn't realize you live so close to Manchester. Love it, especially this time of year. Friends of my parents have a home up there. So quaint and the outlets are great. Your hair sounds so cute!!

Hopsy said...

Such a fantastic day! I had the coat in black until I gave it to mother dearest. She bought me the black, Burberry Mac so it was an exchange of sorts. I then bought an ivory one since I missed mine and then last weekend I bought another in peat! We can be twins! I have the snaps instead of the buttons now, but the black I had was buttons. Love both styles!

adozeneggs said...

Glad to hear you had success at the salon. I'm headed out there soon.
Super cute jacket, I have a similar one from Lands End from a couple of years ago.

preppy little dress AKA "PLD" said...

love the new burberry quilted jacket, i have one in black - love it, 5 years strong!

hey there, you have to tell vivian at bonanno's - they are always looking for new places to carry their shoes! you could get a FREE pair of bonannos, check out her blog for details - i am serious!!!
good luck!!

are you talking about manchester, NH? if so - love that place, lots of outlets!!!

Capegirl said...

Try looking at Sierra Trading Post when the shopping urge hits. Some of it is not all that appealing-but they also have some well known names for good prices.

Molly said...

That sounds like a great day even with the rain, besides the scary driving part. I can't even drive in flat Florida with no rain.
I wish I could go leaf peeping, that would be a long drive though. I love charming little towns like that.
Congrats on the great hair, I love when that happens!!

Michelle said...

I love Manchester...they have some of the best outlet shopping (doesn't even seem outlety at all)...have you ever stayed at the Equinox? Lovely...just lovely.


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