Saturday, June 16, 2012

Special Talents

Do you have any quirky talents?  Things you learned years ago but never forgot?  Things that seem completely unimportant but find their way into conversation at cocktail parties anyway?  Things you can't brag about because they aren't actual talents but totally are talents all the same?

Of course you do!  We all do.

Want to know a few of mine?

* I can list the 50 US states in alphabetical order in under a minute.  I learned them in the 3rd grade and this little pony trick has come in surprisingly handy throughout my life.  So thanks, Mrs. Ramon!

* I bake pies from scratch.  Start to finish.  No recipe is ever needed.  I've been baking since I could stand.  Crust is my claim to fame.  I make a damn good gluten free crust too!  But my regular, full-o-gluten goodness crust will make weak in the knees.

* I am an expert bridesmaid.  Like, seriously.  I am that good.  I know what to do and get and say at every twist and turn.  I can line your family up for photos, even though the two sides don't speak to each other.  I can calm your mother down.  And your mother-in-law too.  And I know how to chill a hot bottle of champagne in just minutes (water, not ice, is the key).  I can tie a bow like nobody's business.  I know the day is about the bride, a fact often ignored by more novice maids.  Oh and I secretly love being a bridesmaid too (though if one day God wants to let me be the actual bride, I wouldn't mind, wink wink).

So do tell, sweet friends.  What are your hidden talents that aren't really talents but totally are talents.  You know what I mean.  Fess up and show off... 


Love Being A Nonny said...

As a child, I learned the books of the bible in order...old and new testament,by singing them in a song. I can still recite them to this day. Oh, and I am a baby whisperer....I can flat calm a fussy baby!! :)

Susan R said...
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Anonymous said...

Being a bridesmaid is the best - I need to be one again! Only 'talents' I can randomly think of would be odd things like riding side saddle (I won a competition doing it in a laura ashley ballgown when I was about 11 - cringe),speaking Dutch (not good at parties, it's not an attractive language and err.... mixology?

Susan R said...

I know this will sound absolutely absurd, but I can draw blood and start an IV like no one else. It may not seem like a talent to y'all, but when you need an IV set, or blood drawn...I'm the one you want.

REBrown said...

I'm a terrible bridesmaid! I never know what to do.

Hailey said...

I will toot my own horn... I have tons of specials talents! Haha! I, too, can say the states of the US by singing/saying a neat little song I learned in 5th grade.

I also can hear a song one time and know all of the lyrics. It amazes my husband. No matter what song he turns it too, I know the lyrics.

Annemarie said...

Loved reading these!

Kate said...

I am impressed you can name all of the states in that order so quickly! It would take me forever to name all 50!

Pretty sure I don't have any special talents. I can calm any baby but that's about it!


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