Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Do You Know Where I Can Find Duck Jacquard Ribbon?

This is so random but I am looking for a few yards of duck jacquard (woven) ribbon.  Not yellow baby shower duckies.  Like preppy mallards that a man would wear on a belt ducks.  The kind of thing you might see on a belt or flip flops at LL Bean or something along those lines.

I am normally pretty good at hunting this sort of thing down but my two best sources for speciality ribbons have recently closed up shop.  Gasp! 

So for my fellow crafters and sewers, if you happen to see some duck jacquard ribbon or if you have some you want to sell, please let me know.  I only need a few yards.

This is jacquard ribbon.


WorthyStyle said...

This ribbon might be too wide - but I have been eying it lately! http://1ferretstreasures.com/marsh-ducks-brown-green-jacquard-ribbon-1-25-in/

Anonymous said...

Can't help with that I'm 'fraid, but just stopped by to say hi!


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