Friday, June 1, 2012

I Think I Was Punked

Does anyone happen to remember me sharing this crazy story from the Southwest wing of BWI?  Well I was flipping channels last night and found an entire show on TLC on stories exactly like mine.  When that situation took place, I really felt like it could have been a crazy episode of Punked.  I wish there had been a camera crew filming my lady lying down with her arms behind her back.  Talk about made for TV drama!  I just can't believe there are so many crazies flying that they can make an entire reality show on the topic. 

Which brings me to my next point.  It's illegal to bring a sealed bottle of water and a small set of nail clippers through security.  Bringing formula for your baby I hear can be a nightmare.  It's illegal to use an ipod during take off.  It's illegal for someone to wait in line outside of the bathroom at the front of an aircraft.  But Southwest somehow managed to convince multiple airports and from the 10 minutes I watched, several planes in flight, to allow TV camera crews to film. 

I'm not saying all of those other rules are wrong.  But it's hard for me to believe that such a cluster of simple, every-day things can be wrong and a full on camera crew trolling an airport for drama can be right.

This seems just sort of not well thought out to me.

And I assume the people agree to be on camera, right?  At what point during their screaming fits do they sign a waiver to be filmed?  Are they compensated?  They must be, right?  Do they get two free flights if they scream and wail extra loud?

I doubt I will watch again.  But I did find it rather curious.


amanda said...

I jus saw that show the other day. I was really taken aback by how rude the southwest attendants often were. Granted, sometimes the passengers were rude as well, but southwest really gives their people a lot of leeway. To me, the show is not an excellent portrayal of southwrsts's customer service. I think I saw one person who really represented the company well. I know that customer service is a trying job, but it seemed as if their employees really took things perso ally. I work in an emergency room-not in customer service-& someone yells at me at least once a day. If I responded rudely like they often did-I'd be fired.

Suburban Princess said...

I watched about five minutes and couldnt stomach it. When I landed in Glasgow a few weeks ago one of the passengers was arrested. Good times!

Magnolia Blues said...

I just read your crazy airport story. I laughed because I lived in Houston, Texas and seeing these insane episodes isn't all uncommon. She was just trying to get her way and throw a tantrum. Only in the U.S. do people get away with this behavior. People wouldn't have even stopped in Europe. Can you imagine if this was Israel, Russia, or Germany? That old woman would have gone missing.

I don't feel sorry for her. People have a misconception that if someone is elderly that they should be treated differently. In most cases, I agree. However, young jackasses grow into old jackasses. When you're respectful others will treat you with respect. If you're crazy you should be treated as such. They should have used the Taser and dragged her off. It would have been much faster.

Ker said...

There is no waiver to sign for being filmed - I fly through BWI to ALB pretty often - on days they are filming the Southwest show, there is a sign posted when you walk towards the B gates that says you're entering an area that is being filmed for a TV show and by continuing into the area (which you need to go through to get to the gates in that wing), you consent to be filmed. Maybe if you speak to the camera you have to sign something else but if you want to make your flight, you don't have much of a choice but to allow yourself to be filmed.


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