Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Reminder That Good Samaritans Walk Among Us

Dear old dad lost his keys while on a bike ride checking out the flooding on Monday.  Which would make this the second time this year that he lost them during a storm.  Oh dad!  Thankfully he had access to a hidden key should such an event happen.  Again.

So the next day he went about getting more keys made.  Including his car and properties.

Then on Wednesday, goodness happened.

But if you have not read this old post, please do so first.  It makes the current story more amazing.

Did you read?  I'll take your word for it.

So some anonymous person again found Dad's keys.  And again, took them to the food co-op.  They looked up Dad's address from the only thing on the key ring containing any personal information, his co-op membership card.  Then someone from the co-op took the keys to the Post Office.  And the PO returned them to Dad with the normal mail delivery. 

So even though I feel like I don't fit in up here in the North Pole.  Even though I whine that we don't have the good stores.  And I am not close to any of my best friends.  I am reminded yet again that only in a small town will people go so out of their way, twice, to give you a set of missing keys.  There is a lot of goodness here. 

And it has clearly paid off to join the local food co-op!  Shop local, y'all! 


Annie said...

Love good samaritans! I try to pay it back!

REBrown said...

That's too funny that this happened....AGAIN!


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