Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Recruitment Tips...A Revsit

This was not my best post ever and there are grammatical errors popping out at me still.  But for those of y'all in any stage of Greek Recruitment, I think I made some pretty good points.  Going through Recruitment, even if you decide not to join a chapter, is such a fun experience.  But joining a chapter- be it national, local, degree, religious or service oriented- can be one of the most meaningful decisions of a lifetime. 


I know Recruitment feels like a crazy one week fashion show-ish event right now.  But trust me.  If you do this correctly, joining a sorority is a life-long joy.

I cannot say it enough...I think everyone should Go Greek.  Saying "it's not for me" is not really trying it at all.  There truly is a chapter for everyone (this is of course assuming you attend a college that includes a Greek system).

For those reading who are currently in college, please take a quick glance at this old post.  And consider testing the waters by signing up for Recruitment this semester.

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Susan R said...

My daughter is preparing herself to go to college next year (hopefully Ole Miss) and I've found myself wondering if it might be good for her to pledge some sorrority. I don't know enough about it and I was never in one, but I think it would be a great way for her to make some friends. I guarantee she won't know a darn soul there and it's a pretty good guess that they're aren't a lot of Mormons at Ole Miss either.


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