Thursday, September 15, 2011

Movie Review : Moneyball

So last night I went with a girlfriend to a movie that neither of us had even heard of.  We had a chance to see a free preview and thought, what the heck.  I knew from a quick search that it was about baseball and starred Brad Pitt.  That's it.

Oh...and I really really really do not like baseball.  Snooze.

The movie was, in one word, fantastic!  I loved it.  Smiled the entire time.  Laughed out loud a lot.  And just felt so happy for having seen it in the end.

I know it was about baseball on the surface but it was so much more than that.  It was a true story of faith and leadership and stepping outside the box.  I was so inspired and just cannot say enough positive things about the film.

My only criticism is for some of what I think is called the filmography?  This is giving nothing away so fear not.  But there were several segments where the film showed a super close up shot of a computer screen.  So you could see all the little dotty pixels.  I thought that was super annoying and actually a bit uncomfortable to look at after a while.

But that was minor compared to the acting of Brad Pitt and my new favorite actor, cutie patootie Jonah Hill.   (I had to swagbucks to figure out who he was but I just want to hug him.  Adorable.  Love!)  The movie was completely wonderful.  When it hits the theaters, I completely encourage everyone to go feel all cheerful and inspired by watching it!


Kori said...

I can't wait to see this! Hope you can come by and check out my new link up today honey! Have a fabulous day! Kori xoxo

Susan R said...

I'm looking for a feel good movie to go to with my husband this weekend. We need a date night badly.
Now...I will take your word for it and go see this, but first, like you, I'm not a baseball fan AT ALL and secondly, I do not like Brad Pitt. Both he and Angelina annoy the daylights out of me. Having said that, I bet the movie will be good.

Deviled Megs said...

I have been SO looking forward to this but was kind of worried if the book would translate to a good movie. So excited to read your review and now I am looking forward to seeing it even more!

Kate said...

I really want to see this! It looks like a great movie


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