Saturday, September 17, 2011

Last Night and This Morning

Last night I made...
* An omelet with eggplant, peas and spinach.  And OMG was it ever delish!
* Bacon because several of my t'maters are ripe so I plan to have BLT's all week.
* A sweet potato gratin/pie thing that I made up for lunches this weekend.
* Kale chips.
* Banana, coffee, chocolate chip muffins that are sooo yumm-o!
* Chocolate chip hazelnut cookies (because I was out of pecans).

It's finally cool here (though I am not particularly joyful about it) and I just had a bee in my bonnet I guess.  I also did two loads of laundry.  However I did not vacuum or dust or mop or file papers.  All of which need to be done much more urgently than making cookies and muffins.  But this was my first night to myself in weeks and it just seemed more enticing to bake goodies than clean floors.  You should assume next week's blog posts will contain several new recipes.  All GF of course.

I will also (hopefully...if I survive) regale you with tales of my Saturday adventure.  I'm doing a ropes course with my college kids.  Me, in a harness, up in a tree, on a chilly Adirondack fall day.  Oy!  It's less stepping outside my box and more like moving to another state and building a whole flippin' new box out of jelly beans.  Oh and I'm also not super keen on heights.  Or more like feeling like I am going to fall.  Should prove to be interesting.  Wish me luck...


Susan R said...

Good grief! You accomplished a lot. I love a good BLT, probably one of my favorite sandwiches, but I HATE HATE HATE the way bacon smells up the house when you cook it, so I rarely ever get to eat a BLT. The funny thing is, whenever we go out for breakfast or lunch, I'm always sure to order a BLT or a side of bacon.

BpVetGirl said...

I can't wait to read about your adventures on Saturday. Sounds like fun.

katie lake said...

For some reason I feel like you're the right person to ask this. Do you have any tips on freezing vegetables? I'm really bad about using half a bell pepper for a recipe then not needing the rest of it until two weeks later for another recipe. Can I just cut them up then freeze them or do I need to do something specific?

REBrown said...

Those sound delicious!

I'm sure you'll be fine on your little adventure!


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