Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hating Facebook

So did your Facebook page change today?  Mine didn't because I was part of the beta test and have had this horrible change for a month now.  Where you don't get to see updated status reports.  Instead Facebook decides what you want to see.  They think they know me.

Well guess how that turned out the last month for me, Facebook?

I moved my social media love over to Twitter. 

If you really knew me, Facebook, you would know that I have very little patience for having to fish around a website.  It's either easy and sensible or I don't need to deal with it in my life.  Twitter is easy, Facebook is a pain. 

Supposedly they made these changes to compete with Google +.  But I've only heard negative things about Google + so why on earth would you want to be like something that no one enjoys?

I will say that since I so completely dislike Facebook now, I waste so much less time on stuff like that.  But I'm guessing that's not why Facebook made these changes. 

Aaaah, just bring back the option to see updated status reports in order please!


Anonymous said...

I totally agree! It's so confusing! If I had to say something positive about it, all I can say is that I do like the larger pictures in the feed, but that's it! I like things in order and having to search around for things is annoying. I'm sorry you've had to deal with it for so long! Think they'll ever change it back?

Katiellirb said...

I've heard a rumor that if you switch your language to English (UK) it goes back to normal. I'll be checking that out for sure!

Emily said...

I CANT STAND IT!!!!! It is awful. All of the constant change is making me want to delete facebook all together. It is very annoying. They're trying to be so innovative and compete with Google, Skype, Twitter, etc and it's just not working!

Unknown said...

Well said! Posting it to my FB page. I'm on Google + and I don't think it's a threat at ALL. Facebook needs to get back to basics. Since Google + went live, I think we should grass roots people over to Google + and close your FB account. Easiest way to get the message across.

Lindsey said...

I HATE Facebook now. I can't figure anything out. I am with you. I'm sticking to Twitter.

REBrown said...

I agree! It is so confusing.

Miss Janice said...

WHY do they do this? I can't figure any of it out and it's so annoying!

Susan R said...

And this is exactly why I DON'T do FB.
I don't like technology "thinking" for me, it's not a good thing.

Kate said...

I don't get it either. I want to see status updates in order. So confusing now!

Anonymous said...

There really aren't words to describe how much I dislike it, arrgghh! I'm going to try the English UK maneuver and see if it works.

Sending you a smile,

Sue said...

I had a terrible time with it today(still!). It won't let me admin. my other (munchkin munchies blog)fb page or leave comments~very frustrating. Trying to get help on fb is just as frustrating. Time to resurrect my twitter account:)


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