Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What To Do With Leftover Mashed Potatoes

So the night my camera died, this is what I was photographing.  (Note that these photos were taken on my blackberry and are super crappy...because the camera died.)  Nothing earth shattering but I thought some of y'all would be interested.

After Thanksgiving, I had leftover mashed potatoes.  I love leftovers.  For two days tops.  And that second leftover day is pushing it for me.  I try to come up with new recipes but sometimes those attempts are less successful than others.  This one is sure to be a repeat!  Now if I can just try to remember what I did...  And I am not using measurements because we all end up with different amounts of leftovers.  Use your best judgement.

Mashed Potato Shrimp Cakes

* Mashed potatoes (mine almost always have copious amounts of garlic in them)
* flour (I used gf of course)
* seasonings (such as garlic or onion powder, parsley, Old Bay, salt, pepper, whateveryouhave)
* 1 can of baby shrimp, drained well

* Mix it all together.  Taste for seasoning.  Need more?  Add more.  Be sure to add enough flour to create a texture that will hold a patty shape.
* Saute in EVOO until browned on both sides.  Everything is cooked so you are really just heating and giving it a nice flavor and crispy outside.

Hello easy and mmmm good!  This would work just as well with a can of crab meat or leftover turkey or ham or beans or just the potato. 


Glitterista said...

These look amazing! :)

preppy little dress AKA "PLD" said...

Shrimp cakes, sounds yummy! I was going to recommend Salmon cakes, those taste great too!!

Ruth said...

They look amazing and sound so easy to make.

Nancy said...

Well, truth be known I would have to make mashed potatoes to make this recipe because I'm a total pig with mashed potatoes! There are never any leftovers if I'm in the room! These look amazing! I'm a new follower and would love it if you followed me back.


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