Friday, December 17, 2010

The Details

Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments on yesterday's post!  I am so touched.  And excited. 

So let me give you the skinny.  This all started in the fall when B (that stands for bench) talked me up to her boss.  They asked for samples and from there, an order was placed.  But there were stipulations.  Everything has to be made in the USA to be sold in the Senate gift shop.  I use Carters and Gerber onesies most of the time.  So I turned to y'all after I realized both were made in Asia.  That was a funny day because even though I talked about how they were made in Asia and I needed America, I got TONS of emails and comments to go to Target and buy Carters and Gerber.  Seriously every time I read that, I laughed.  Yes blog friends, nearly everything you use is made in Asia.  Gerber was a given as it's not even an American brand parent company.  But y'all know that Ralph Lauren, Gap and Lilly Pulitzer are all compliments of the continent of Asia, right?  I challenge you to find more than a dozen things in your closet that are made in our own country.  The only onesies I could find that fits my needs (as in I needed a few dozen and not 2000) were from American Apparel.  Not a company I know much about other than they are made in the great USA and they have provocative marketing campaigns.  The prices are at least six times higher than Carters/Gerber though.  And the quality.  OMG I was shocked and rather upset when I  finally got the order in my hands.  The fabric was nice, I will give them that much credit.  But the design quality was disappointing.  The arms and pretty much everything were all wonky crooked.  Even the tags were crooked.  For the price and effort and time it took to ship them to me, I was frustrated.  But I had to make the best of it so I used what I had and tried hard to fix what mistakes I could.  I've not heard any complaints from the Hill so I guess they think they look OK.  But you likely know me well enough by not to assume correctly that I have been obsessing over this glitch for a month now!

Now Blogger is making my life difficult.  Again.  It only lets me upload one photo at a time.  So I have to save my post and then go to edit posts and upload one more and do it all over again.  Is anyone else having this new issue with Blogger too?  I swear if it's not one thing, it's another.  Hmph.

So here's what you saw in the photo yesterday...  (I know these onesies are Gerber- they were the samples.)

For all the future Senators.

Classic stars.

This is my favorite bib.  I think I just love the simplicity and colors.

Dressed in style even while eating mushy food!

Very all-American.

These were the bane of my existence for a few days.  For a variety of reasons that would bore you to no end, but I shed a tear or two making these babies.

But by the time I got around to adding the ruffle butt to the above star onesie, I was happy again.  Because who can't be cheerful looking at a baby ruffle booty?!

So that's what can now be found in our Nation's Capital.  Nothing earth-shattering but I am still pretty stinkin' proud.  A really nice up-note way to end my year.


Lexilooo said...

Those are amazing and congratulations! I will have to pop into the Senate gift shop and look for them :)

MCW said...

Love the ruffles on the butt!!!

Dr. Blondie said...

I love all of this! Those pieces are so cute!

Kate said...

The ruffles are way too cute! If only baby H were a girl...

LillyxxGal said...

Those are adorable! Congrats!

PS~ I have had the same problems with Blogger.

Buford Betty said...

So proud of you, bestest!

Paula@SweetPea said...

Congratulations on this accomplishment! If I ever get to the Senate gift shop, I'll certainly look for these!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! :)

About the photos, you can upload many at once in one go, so you don't have to keep saving and coming back!

Please follow me if you wish:

Green Door Girl said...

I am having the same blogger issue - it is SO annoying, but I have found you can select one to open, then immediately click upload another and select another, so you don't have to wait until it completely loads before adding another - that has saved me a huge amount of time - like you I was very frustrated! By the way - SUPER cute onesies - I have a couple of mommy friends on the Hill, I will have to send them over to shop your stuff! Thanks for following my blog!

Anonymous said...

Adorable! I love the little necktie bib. There aren't enough cute baby boy projects!


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