Thursday, December 30, 2010


* I made "Puppy Chow," ate about four nibbles and decided it's still gross.  Unfortunately I have a giant bag of the stuff.  I might like it if it didn't have the chocolate I think, but I doubt I will ever try making it again to find out.  What a waste of cereal on my part.

* I did something to my shoulder/neck in my sleep.  How that is even possible, I don't know.  But I have been in pain on my left side for two days now.  It's getting better thanks to Advil and a heating pad.  But I still can't turn my head in all directions or do much with my left arm.  Sleeping is apparently very dangerous.

* It finally occurred to me to move a small ottoman next to my bed so the princess puppy is able to get up and down without me lifting her.  I used to loathe her in bed with me but after seeing her seize for a few years, I am keenly aware of every special snuggle we have together. 

* My poor daddy called me today as he was leaving the doctor to tell me he has pink eye.  Poor guy.

* If you live in the Atlanta area, please visit my Bestie to possibly offer her some advice.  My heart just breaks for her and the hub.

* It seems like half of the girls in Hollywood got engaged over the Christmas holiday week.  Note to any future fiances, please do not propose to me on my birthday or Christmas.  I think it's sort of selfish.  No offense if you feel otherwise.  This is just me.

* While we are on the topic, it also completely grosses me out to hear about a proposal that involves food.  Remember when Stan proposed to Dorothy (on the Golden Girls) in a steaming hot baked potato?  That's nearly as gross as when a ring is in a piece of cake or glass of champagne.  Ew, ew, double ew!

* Tell me I am not the only crazy person to feel sorry for Holly when the news broke of Heff being engaged. 

* Do y'all watch Chelsea Lately?  She's so much funnier than the other bigger name late show hosts.  LOVE her!  I'd like to be her stylist though because there are a lot of times that I look at her outfit and wonder who let her wear that.  She's hilarious though and has Ross Mathews on a lot and I completely pink puffy heart him too!

* And this is specific to any local (NY Capital Region) girls.  Are there any coupon websites that you use for Price Chopper or Hannaford?  I ask this on here every year or so because I have yet to find one that includes our area.  I am bound and determined to really REALLY use coupons this year.  I am truly fascinated by the idea of getting groceries I use anyway for free.  I can see that there are quite a few of y'all who live near me reading my blog.  Please tell me some of you have some local coupon using insight to share!!


Buford Betty said...

Aw thanks for the love, bestest!

As for coupons, I think you gotta get the Sunday paper if you're really serious. There are a lot of online sources, but most of the coupons I pull from my "lists" (off are from the paper. It does take a LOT of time and prep work, but it does pay off. I'm disappointed if I don't save at least 50% overall at the grocery. I consider it my little PT job.

S. said...

I felt so bad for Holly. I don't know if you watch the Kendra show, but Holly had a replica of Hef's childhood house built that was so detailed it took two years to make and deliver. He got the present after he had already broken up with Holly and gotten engaged to Crystal. Kendra goes to see him at the mansion, and the present is there. So sad.

MLD said...

Agreed! I do not want to be proposed to on a holiday either.

Molly said...

You are not crazy, as soon as I read about the engagement I felt bad for Holly! Poor thing, she was with him for so long, and weirdly enough I believe she really loved him, sad! Hope your neck/shoulder feels better I do that all the time, I think I hunch when I sleep, I us biofreeze, love it!

Pink, Green, and Southern said...

Did Hef really propose?! OMG I can't believe I missed that! I'm not a big fan of puppy chow either. There is just something about it...

living well said...

I love Chelsea Handler - her books are hilarious. And I agree with you about her style! It's odd because some times her clothes look really good, but other times... not so much!!

Anonymous said...

Yikes, lots going on with your father, and Buford Betty, not to mention the pain you have in your shoulder/neck. Hopefully it's better by the time you read this!

Sending you a smile and a New Year's hug Miss PPC, you are one of my heroes!

AJLinBoston said...

Ha, ha--I agree I would not want to be proposed to on Christmas, it's my birthday as well--so I would want to spread out the celebrating a bit!!

Anonymous said...

A few years ago I slept funny on my neck and couldn't turn my head for days. Of course I had agreed to drive a friend to a job interview that was over an hour away and didn't have the heart to cancel. It was the worst driving experience ever! Occasionally I'll get a pain in my neck and I put icy-hot on it - it's gross and smelly but super effective.

#unmatched said...

I totally feel bad for holly, plus when did Hef actually get divorced? I swear when Holly was on the show, he was still married.
A proposal via food or drink is a big yuck for me as well. Of course, first I have to meet a someone to propose to me! :)

amanda said...

Couponing to Disney posts the price chopper coupon deals every week.


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