Monday, December 13, 2010

Update On Not Much

So to bring you up to date on my last big ole whine fest of a post....

My dad flew in and I made him help me fix my favorite fancy pants expensive as all get out for a piece of plastic sewing machine immediately.  I thought we figured it out.  And then I was promptly corrected when I tried to use it a bit later.  I ran over to beg and plead with the sewing machine (and vacuum) repair man.  He was back from the doctor and smoking up a storm as usual so I guess things checked out OK.  He hate hates my other machine and promptly professed that this machine was very fancy.  Yes, it is.  Fancy is a snazzy word for PITA sometimes.  I explained what I had done to fix it and he actually finished fixing it, showed me what he was doing so I could do it myself and then when I asked what I owed him...he said NOTHING!  Holy how nice was that!  I never leave there for under $75, so free and fast felt like the Christmas miracle.  Yeah!

I went with a friend to a very odd holiday party on Saturday.  It was a group she belongs to and I just tagged along for fun.  I was one of the youngest people there.  Just a very odd group of people.  Also, some folks define dressy holiday attire the same way I would define festive hooker attire.  Potato, po-tot-toe, I guess.  Certainly some stellar people watching.  My girlfriend doesn't dance.  Which I find odd considering she was a cheerleader in both high school and college and was also in a sorority.  I, on the other hand, have no shame and will dance my booty off with complete strangers.  That saved the evening for me as I otherwise found it totally random and strange.

Sadie had another seizure on Sunday.  I was in bed actually and heard her and just immediately knew.  I have had a feeling for about a week that I should be on the look-out.  I know this is a strange "talent" but I consider it a blessing that I seem to sense them coming on so often.  I am terrified of her having one with me not there.  But this one was shorter than ever and she didn't even throw up.  She came out of it pretty quickly too.  So while they seem to be coming more frequently, they are lessening in severity.  I don't know if that's good or bad.  Neither does the vet.  But I am very happy that they seem to be less severe.  All that said, have you ever been with someone (human or dog or otherwise) while they are seizing?  It is wretched!  There is absolutely nothing you can do to fix the problem but hold her and pray.  I cannot imagine having a child who suffered from seizures.  Reminds me to say extra prayers for those families!

Love love loving the Sing Off.  Why is this show only on for three short weeks?  OMG it is so great!  And Nick Lachey is such a cutie patootie.  The only negative the show has, and I said this last year too, is the slutty sexy judge Nicole Scherz-something.  The Pussycat Doll.  She is sooo annoying and says the dumbest things.  I hit mute when she starts talking.  I also wish America could vote because I know the results would be different.  The jazz group, while good, is not great.  And my beloved Whiffenpoofs would be in the finals for sure!

Let's just face it, many of us are going to be a little thin in our posting until after the first of the new year. I have one more big order and one medium order to finish and hopefully will have time to finish (er....start) my family gifts. For any friends reading, as usual, you gifts will be late. Truth be told, I might not even start them until the 27th. I'll try but am just being realistic. I have the parts all ready but putting them together and shipping is another story.

Until then, I'm enjoying watching the snow fall a bit tonight.  It's actually colder in Atlanta and Miami than it is here right now.  Not that its exactly warm but it somehow makes us feel better to know it's frigid down south.  Mean, maybe.  But true all the same.

A fabulous yet sort of trashy recipe to be posted soon.  Are you intrigued?  Hehe.


katie lake said...

Hurray for getting your machine fixed! Mine messed up right after I get it (Christmas two years ago), the tension was off. Now it runs well and when it messes up I pretty much just pull the bobbin out then rethread it and it works fine.

So sorry about your doggie. Seizures are so scary. I'd freak if it happened to one of my dogs. I actually had to work a service learning project (families and children with disabilities group) a few weekends ago and the girl I was partnered with was an 8 year old who has seizures. She had probably four while she was with me but they were only about 5 to 10 seconds. Scared me the first time.

Janine Claire Robinson said...

Glad to hear that your machine is on the mend.I hope that you make stellar time in finishing off the last of your orders so that you can actually have a little breather before Christmas arrives.
Sorry to hear about Sadie. Give her a cuddle for me. What a brave little dog! It must be so hectic to watch anyone having a seizure. Sorry my friend.
And about that party ... I'm glad that you let it all out and danced all your worries away! You go girl!

Unknown said...

Good afternoon from Tokyo!

As always you have my running a gamut of emotions after reading your latest post. As a fellow sewer I cheered when I heard your "fancy" machine was fixed. If there is one thing I miss, it's the convenience of whipping something up if I want. Then my heart did a 180 when I read about your sweet puppy. There are no words to describe how much your heart can hurt when your child~furry or otherwise~is suffering. My prayers go out to you both and to your Vet, so they can be guided in treating your puppy to the best of their ability.

Take care and comfort in the joy of this season.



Katiellirb said...

So sorry to hear about Sadie! Definitely keeping her and her wonderful momma in my prayers! The poor thing :(

Newlywed Hostess said...

So sorry about your dog!

But I am glad that your machine is fixed. If my new machine messed up, I would be beyond upset!

Anonymous said...

I love people watching, especially at holiday get-togethers! Glad to hear your sewing machine is back in working order. Poor Sadie! Thank goodness you're there with her when it happens - I can't imagine how terrifying that is.

Ruth said...

What a great early Christmas present not having to pay for your sewing machine to be fixed.
Sorry to hear about Sadie that would be so scary to deal with.


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