Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pink And Green Thanks

I have been so emotional over saying goodbye to our current officer team.  I've worked with some of them for several years and am probably a bit too attached to their fabulousness.  It's just been one of the greatest teams and I am so sad to see my little girls move on in life.  I know they all have great things awaiting them in their futures and can't wait to see what roads they take in life.  Thanks to Facebook, I will hopefully get to follow along as they go off into the big girl world and become successful squirrels.

But my direct buddy has really become more like a friend.  I am of course always friendly with my direct buddy as we talk several times a week.  You can't communicate that much and not bond a little too.  But this buddy, well she's extra fabulous!  And do you know what happened last night for the first time ever?  She gave me a thank you note.  And a gift.  I am actually not sure which means more to me but when I got home I was a little teary-eyed thinking about how much that gesture meant to me.  The world.  She's actually been amazing about saying thank you and so has the chapter this past year.  But a note.  The dying art of the thank you note.  Written, not typed.  With sincere sentiment and memories.  I'm getting a little tearing writing this.  Which I know is a little ridiculous given that this is a small note and token present.  But the present is pink and green.  We just have a connection that I so value.  It has also made working together that much more productive and enjoyable.  Her replacement seems like she is going to be pretty great too so here's hoping for another great year!  I am going to miss my buddy something fierce, though.  Not only has see been amazing but has taught me so much too.

Only my fellow squirrels will appreciate this but I am headed to Alpha this weekend!  If any of y'all will be there too, please tell me so we can have a mini meet-up.


nomo wino daph said...

(((HUGS))) I am sorry friend-
sounds like they are the lucky ones also, to have
gotten to spend/share this time with you!!

Janine Claire Robinson said...

There is nothing like reading a note written from the heart. Always priceless. Here's to a fabulous new chapter in your exciting life!!!

Ally said...

The art of a hand written note.... it's funny how so many people under estimate the importance and value it has!! :)

Kirstin @ Hello Kirsti said...

Have fun at Alpha!!

Anonymous said...

I just wrote a recommendation letter for one of my officers and it made me a little teary when I was recounting all of the things she's done for the chapter. Here's hoping the new gals are just as fantastic! Also I love that your buddy wrote a thank you note - that's such a sweet and thoughtful gesture.


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