Monday, November 1, 2010

Food Q

It's a Halloween miracle.  I was tagged and I am actually remembering to do it.  I am always so flattered when people tag me but then I get sidetracked and forget to follow through.  Turning over a new fall leaf.  Thanks for the tag, Deviled Megs! 

What is your favorite desert?

Apple pie made by me, my estranged mother, or my aunt.  We use Crisco, about three times the normal amount of apples cut in very large slices, and would never be able to share the exact recipe as it is all done by intuition at this point.  I bake and don't measure.  I like to live on the wild side!  Now this pie is to be eaten alone or with fresh whipped cream.  Not with ice cream.  Because it gets soggy and that totally grosses me out.  But honestly the pie is at its peak on Christmas morning.  Cold.  For breakfast.  A tradition my daddy and I have shared together for as long as I can remember. 

Ever tried to cook something and fail miserably?

Who hasn't?!  My senior year of high school I took my one and only elective course that fit into my schedule, Home Ec.  And guess who burned the bottom of the rice?  Yours truly.  Probably because I was talking.  I've burned a few things like that when I got sidetracked.  But last year (and I think I forgot to blog about this actually) I was making jam and something else, that at the moment has escaped my memory.  At the same time.  I thought I had it all timed perfectly.  But clearly I did not.  I was doing something for the other recipe when the jam came to the hard boil.  Too fast.  Too hard.  Right over the edge of the pot.  Onto the flat top burner.  Where it proceeded to catch fire.  Like big flames!  House filling with smoke.  Smoke detectors blaring.  Dog barking.  Me panicking and freezing because I didn't know which way to turn.  Grabbed the pot and moved it off the burner.  Then proceeded to try to smother the fire with the damp dish rag in my hand.  Then ran to open doors to get the smoke out.  I sort of feel like this might have been winter-ish time too?  Then dealt with the smoke detectors that were still blaring to the high heavens.  And the dog just had to fend for herself.  OMG it was a disaster!  And mini flames kept popping up as the burnt sugar on the hot burner combined.  Oh and you all know how impossible those dang detectors are to turn off as they are screeching in your ear at the same time, while balancing on a chair and tippy toes.  I had burnt jam EVERYWHERE.  And non-burnt, non-jamming jam everywhere.  Because the fire wasn't enough, I had to take this disaster up another notch.  I thought I could salvage the remaining jam so I canned it.  Then remembering that I never added the pectin.  So I un-canned it, re-heated it, re-washed the jars, re-sterilized the jars, re-canned the jars.  And guess who was still stuck with several jars of un-jammed "sauce?"  So the next time you burn your toast, think of this story and feel proud that it's super easy to just pop two more slices in the toaster!
Is there a dish you haven't made yet that you would like to?

Lots!  I'll try just about anything once.  I'd love to have a reason to roast a leg of lamb.  It just seems like a special event kind of meal.  I'd love to learn how to make French macaroons.  I've never ever seen one in person - just recently on blogs.  But I am mesmerized and think they are the most magnificent little treasures of sweetness ever.  And gluten free to boot!  And if I ever live in a home with more garden space, I'd love to grow/can my own soups.
What is your favorite food?

I could never list just one.  Bagels are for sure on that list.  Plain, with chicken salad, with lox, and every way in between.  When I was a kid and my mother would ask me what I wanted to eat on my birthday, it was usually a combination of some of the following: Cornish hens, stuffed acorn squash, spanakopita, honey glazed carrots, and her apple pie.  Also on the favorite list would be nearly anything from the sea- lobstah, oysters on the half shell, crab of any variety, salmon, mahi.  And escargot in insane amounts of garlic butter.  Ooooh and fresh berries.  OMG this is precisely why I am fat!
What is your least favorite food?

Watermelon and cucumber.  Both make me gag at first sniff.  I am pretty sure I am allergic to cucumbers.  And am told that the English variety are not as harsh on tummies.  But at this point it is Pavlovian and just the smell- even in lotion form- makes me dry heave.  I love snails but not fresh strange is that?  Oh but love a good dilly garlic pickle.  And love pickled watermelon rind.  Just not the fruit itself.  Oh and egg salad grosses me out too.  The look, smell and worst of all, that glop glop glop sound.  Ew!
Do you have any seasonal meals that you like?

I love anything seasonal.  Roasted chicken and root vegetables (carrots, beets, etc) are a favorite of mine this time of year.  I love soups when it's cold but would never touch them if not below 60.  I love love love tomato anything in the summer- salads and sandwiches.  They are both a favorite dinner. 
What is your comfort food?

I don't think I have one particular comfort food that I turn to.  But I have several things that I find comforting.  Soups on really cold nights.  Chicken pot pie.  Chocolate walnut brownies on a particularly trying week.  Sushi.  Chai or cocoa.  There is this little cafe in VT that makes moan-into-your-spoon-good creme brule bread pudding.  I've never used it as a comfort food but it's probably a good thing it's more than an hour drive from my home.  I could easily see it becoming my go to blue day problem solver. 
Chocolate: milk, dark, or white?

Swedish fish.  If I had to pick a chocolate it would be the Reese's PB Easter eggs.  Because they are about 97% peanut butter.  I am about to get my girl card taken away but.... I don't really like chocolate.  I don't hate it.  But outside of a brownie or hot cocoa, I can easily live without it.  Actually, gladly live without it.  So for candy, it's the gummy sugar crap.  Mmmm.  For non-candy treats, it's berry anything.  As much as I love apple pie, I don't love apple cobbler/crisp/tart/etc.  I'm a complicated woman, I know.  But berry anything and you have my devotion forever.  I'd take a pint of fresh raspberries over anything chocolate and seemingly fabulous. 
I tag anyone who wants to participate.  Just tell me so I can go read your fun answers too!


nomo wino daph said...

LOL ohhhhhh mercy.....I could eat my weight on Swedish Fish!! Happy Monday:)


a girl after my own heart--food,food and more food! I agree apple pie for breakfast is the best and carbs are my favorite!

Pink, Green, and Southern said...

I have burned more things than you can even imagine. The one that set the fire alarms off wasn't even my fault. I had a roommate that stored her pizza in the oven. I was going about my business and preheated the oven. I started to smell something and opened the oven to black, smoking, almost on fire pizza boxes. Who keeps pizza boxes in the oven?!?

I also could live without chocolate other than the holiday reeses. There are so many better things in life. I would take a pack of fries over chocolate any day!

Deviled Megs said...

Good to know I am not the only non-chocolate girl out there!

McKenna said...

This post makes me SOOO hungry! Hahah.

Anonymous said...

The way I see it burning food it like a rite of passage. It's something we all have to go through. It teaches us so many things. How NOT to cook something, teaches us about fire safety and how truly important it is to keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen and it teaches you how to cope in the event of a crisis :)

Kirstin @ Hello Kirsti said...

cold apple pie for breakfast one of my "daddy & daughter" things too =D

REBrown said...

I love apple pie too! I would eat it everyday if I could.



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