Thursday, June 3, 2010

View From Below

Here are a few more photos of the small but mighty garden. Above we have several different types of squash towards the back (big leaves) and the gangly stuff in front are sweet peas. Ive never tasted a fresh pea but I have a feeling they will all be consumed standing right there in front of the brick wall. Never making it to a kitchen or pot. For friends like me who have never seen nor tasted a fresh pea, I'll keep you posted on their progress. Fascinating stuff!

Here is the compost. With a random squash of some sort growing in it. Dad kept breaking up the growth but it keeps coming back. So I convinced him to let it stay in the corner to see what it is. It's either zucchini or pumpkin that got tossed in after it died last fall (it originally came from my cousin's garden and she had zillions and gave them away to family and friends like they were going out of style.

These are my two little strawberry plants. That make me curse my sorority mascot daily. The damn squirrels ate all the berries and leaves. Two were pretty big and ready to turn. I'm ticked!

The two above photos are more views from the garden floor of the church buildings. I will have to show you photos of the interior of that church sometime. Its entire interior- not just windows but the pews and alter and baptismal font and floor and everything from soup to nuts- was designed by Lewis Comfort Tiffany. We have lots of hidden gems like that in my town actually. They claim we have more than any other city in the world. I think that's debatable, but possibly in the USA. Small but mighty, indeed!

And here is what hangs above the squash/peas photo. Homemade Topsy Turveys. Come back tomorrow for a tutorial on how to make your own. But this photo is for Susan who asked if I have basil. I have lots of herbs- most in pots. But there is a big bunch of basil here too. The other pot has rosemary- my favorite herb.


Susan R said...

Very nice! I LOVE Basil. I love the smell of it on my hands after I've been cooking with it. Isn't it just yummy?

AJLinBoston said...

Oooh, I want to know how you made the Topsy Turveys!

My basil and parsley plants are still just teeny tiny - some animal keeps stepping in the pots!

mFw said...

What a fab garden!

What Kate Wore said...

I'm loving more photos of the perfect oasis, it is so gorgeous and you are growing such cool stuff!

You will have to post more on the LCT church at some point, that sounds remarkable.

Sending you a smile you super-talented-crocodile!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Rosemary is my favorite herb too! YUM!


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