Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Terrible First Impression and Lilly Love

So first let me offer a public apology to a certain preppy blogger whom I met a few days ago at Convention in Florida! I so had big plans to take a cute photo and give you a big hug and hello. I even made you a little sursey but forgot to give it to you. I was sick the entire week. It started out a few days before I left as a sinus infection. But my inability to breathe (damn that for being so important!) lead to only a few hours of sleep between Tuesday and Saturday. I was cranky and punchy and having hot flashes. My mind was a fog. Because the sinus situation turned into a full on cold with fever sweats and misery and coughing. Remember that knee to knee and face to face exercise we did? OMG was I ever "white knuckling" my way through that! It was all I could do to sit up-right. So when we finally had a chance to meet right after that, I really did try my very best to be upbeat and cheerful. But I know I wasn't! I am so sorry as I have been so excited to see you forever now. I saw you the last night from across the room - actually I was commenting to my girls how much I loved your blue dress and then realized it was you. But you were several tables away and well, I just never saw you again to take a photo. So while it really was awesome to meet you, I hope you don't hold my grumpiness against me. Oh and my's not normally frog-like. I'm so embarrassed! You also should have seen me wiggling my way around telling my kids how we know each other. I suck at lying so I just said we met in a funny way and later realized we were sorority sisters. And quickly changed the subject. :)

But other than feeling blah, I really did have a great time with my kiddos in Florida last week! I learned a lot and met new friends and saw old friends and got a sun burn and ate desert after every single meal. Miraculously I only gained one pound! And when I say every meal, I mean it! I ADORE the two collegians who went with me!! They are some of my favorite kids with whom I have ever worked. They had me in stitches the entire time. And apparently I should take up comedy as my new career because for whatever reason, they thought I was hilarious. I loved bonding with them outside of the school setting! When they had the chance for free time away from me, they chose to hang out with me instead. Can you believe that? I kept saying they could go off with the other college kids (read: people far cooler than their old lady advisor) but they wanted to have dinner with me. They are just fabulous! I really hope they remember how much they like me when school starts and I am back to being the big mean momma who enforces rules!

Oh and the best part about the trip? It's a tie. And proves just how vein I am. Ha! Not once, not twice, but THREE times people thought I was in college! The last time, the gal apologized profusely and I in turn told her that it was the happiest moment of my old lady life. And the other fabulous part was that several people complimented me at the end of the Convention on my week-o-Lilly-Pulitzer attire. No one ever appreciates the Lilly love in Upstate NY. If it wasn't so darn humid, I'd move back to Florida in a skinny minute.

Again, to my favorite preppy squirrel, I am so sorry I was not in a more cheerful mood! Hopefully we get a chance to see each other again next summer.


Preppy Mama said...

Oh no. Nothing worse than trying to be cheery when you feel so yucky! Hope you are all better!

mFw said...

So sorry you were sick! Hope you're feeling better! Glad everyone loved all the Lilly!!!

Annabel Manners said...

I'm sure it wasn't as bad as you're remembering. Besides, everyone has off days when they're under the weather. Feel better!

Susan R said...

Deadgummit! That stinks. The ol' sickness creeps up on you at the worst possible times. Sorry about that. How about now? Are you feeling any better?
If people thought you were in college.....heck, I would have gone with it. Just how old are you? I'm always surprised to find I'm a lot older than everyone I thought I was close to in age. However, it doesn't bother me.
You need to put more photos of yourself on your blog. I don't think I've ever seen a photo with you in it. Lots of Miss Sadie, but none of you.

Kristen said...

Last week....sorority Convention...Orlando...?

Are we are sorority sisters?!?

I couldn't make it this time around, but I am hoping to make it to Denver in 2012!

Kristen said...

Did some research and found out there was another Syracuse triad having their convention in June in Florida...hmm...

What Kate Wore said...

I'm glad you are better Miss PPC, and tickled to read about the folks thinking you are college-age, that is too fun!

May you have a fab Friday, and even better Fourth!

Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better! Desserts with every meal is always a plus!


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