Friday, June 18, 2010

It's Like Talking To Humpty Dumpty

Holy catfight! The Real Housewives of New York reunion show was just beyond explanation. If you're still reading this blog post it means you likely watch all THREE parts of the reunion. So I'll just give you a few of my random thoughts.

* The set was to die for! The white lacquer with fuchsia pink velvet covered furniture.... dreamy! KK's dream living room right there with that big bag of crazy sitting on all of my furniture!

* What was up with Alex's hair at the reunion? It looked like Marge Simpson. I noticed it during several of the interviews this season too. While I love that she actually brushes it now, I think she (and her hairdresser no doubt) got a bit too over-zealous with the teasing and Aquanet this season.

* Alex, other than the big hair, really grew on me this season. She is hands down my favorite (outside of Bethenny of course) now. Ramona is a close second. Never saw that coming. They both bugged me so much the first season.

* Simon still bugs me though.

* We hardly saw any kids this season. We saw Avery a few times with Ramona when related to the vow renewal but other than that, it was a fairly kid-less season. I would rather see any of the kids than most of the screaming matches.

* Luann cannot sing. I get that she thinks she can. But just because you speak in a snooty-falooty voice, does not make your "music" any better than the other Bravo-housewives-turned-singers. I loved her (at the Reunion) saying that she thought the critics (read: all of the people who have ears- so you and me!) didn't have positive reviews because she wrote a book on manners or class or whatever it was on. Um, they didn't like it because you can't sing well.

* Luann does however have a great body. Was she always that toned and I just never noticed it?

* Jill's black dress was fabulous but the nine million chunky bracelets and kelly green shoes just looked silly.

* Jill used to be one of my favorites. But wowza did her true and ugly colors shine bright this year! I feel like she only reacted when the public became so vocal about her nastiness. Alex called it....Jill is a mean girl!

* I guess that she was sincere in wanting to be better. But wanting it and actually being better are very different. Heck, I want to be thin by getting up early every day and exercising. But I rarely get out of bed early to exercise, thus I am the opposite of thin. See how that works? You can't just apologize and then expect your words to make things better. Actions baby! Actions speak louder than words. So saying you are sorry and then acting nasty and hateful moments later doesn't really leave anyone believing you, Jill.

* Jill also has delusions that she should be able to determine when people forgive her. Like a *poof* of a wand or something. And she seems to be mixing up forgiveness and friendship. You can forgive someone without being friends with them. I am pretty sure that Bethenny forgave Jill long ago but that does not mean they automatically go back to being close friends. It simply means she no longer carries around hurt and anger towards Jill.

* I know the mean girls criticized Ramona's vow renewal but I dug it. I think I loved it being an odd number of years rather than something more specific and expected.

* Naked is naked. But I cherish the arguments that some naked is less naked or however they try to spin it.

* Is that Jennifer girl a new housewife or not? I googled just that and found out that she filmed just as much as everyone else. She didn't have drama surround her though, so she sort of got left on the cutting room floor. Odd.

* Sonja has the potential to become a favorite next year. I didn't love her at first but she is a riot. As Sarah Jessica Parker said on Andy's after show, Sonja is like a little bit of helium. She's very good for the show.

* I didn't really look much into this but apparently Sonja fancies herself to be an amazing chef who uses only a toaster oven. Again, helium! How hilarious is that?!

* Oh and Sonja is from my area. I doubt she would ever over-power the Upstate pride and joy that is Rachel Ray but I think it's funny to know she grew up close to me.

* How ridiculous is Bethenny's body at the reunion?! Less than two weeks after giving birth! Damn!

* And then we have Kelly. I just don't even know what to say. I promise you that I will not watch any show that she is on ever again. I actually think Bravo TV is exploiting her. She clearly has serious issues. Mental or drug or mental and drug or ??? Kelly needs medical attention and Bravo knows it. Everyone other than Kelly knows it.

* Beyond her mental issues, I just don't like Kelly. Don't respect her. I was surprised that no one at the reunion show or on Andy's after show touched on her comment that she stops listening and "turns the volume down" and then jumps in with a comment. Not only is that incredibly rude and self-centered, but it makes zero sense. How can you possibly participate in a conversation if you chose not to listen to know...conversation. She doesn't answer any questions. Ever. She lies. Or as she puts it, "changes her mind." In the same damn sentence. Whatever. Oh the PETA explanation was PRICELESS!! I'm sure that call is coming down the pipe from PETA to Kelly. WTH?

* But what bothered me the most was when Kelly continued to insist that she was bullied. Bullying is such a serious issue in America these days. And I find it offensive that she would just sort of use that flashy tag line in hopes of covering up her guilt and insanity.

* Why is Kelly so hung up on Bethenny's job title? Does it strike anyone else as ironic that while Kelly calls herself a "writer," she is the only housewife who has not written a book? Even Danielle from NJ has a book. They apparently give book deals away like candy at Bravo. Hey Bravo/book publishers everywhere....I'd love to write a book. I don't scream at "friends" and I never strut about nekkid though.

* How funny was it when Andy asked what sort of help she got after the island trip and she was like, "help for what?"! And Bethenny's faces were priceless.

* Favorite quote of the season, "It's like talking to Humpty Dumpty."

So in review.... crazy season. Won't again watch if Kelly is still part of the show in any way. She made it seem like she was signed up so this might be my goodbye. Sad, but at least I have Bethenny's new show. Which is so much better anyway as it is pretty upbeat and funny.


Kiki said...

it was an exhausting 3 reunions but i watched each one twice. had to make sure i didn't miss one moment of craziness. do you watch "Bethenny Getting Married?"? it's fun and full of great one-liners. i bet she got that body back from "muscle recognition" or "muscle memory" or something like that. i've read that about a few celebs who have bounced back quickly. i just lost the last 5lbs of baby weight and it only took 5 years. i think Jill was horrible this season and i used to like her. i was hoping Kelly would say she was not returning. i've already written Andy Cohen that she was a poor casting choice and they need to let her go. thanks for sharing and take care.

Editor of The Dandy American said...

OH MY FRIGGIN' GOD I just watched the final 3rd installment of the reunion with my wife. I'm probably next to the only straight guy who watches thesed real housewives shows. I must say, so far Sonja has grown on me. I didn't get her at first with all the sex talk but she seems pretty down to earth. Romona has calmed down this season remarkably and I do feel that she is "renewing" herself. I don't like Alex, I have to be honest. At least not this season. If you want to set someone straight that's fine but she seemed to revel in it. And what's up with the cameraman and the tight close ups of her pasty body, I mean whoaaaaaaaa! Oh dear did I just say whoa? I have to agree with that train wreck we all know as Kelly, Alex does at times look as if she's an extra for the movie Twilight. What more could be said about Kelly? That girl is as crazy as cat poop.
Luann is much too pretentious and has a reputation for sleeping around. I personally think she should listen to can't by you class Countess. Oh and P.S. Countess, that guy you were dating because he wrote A book is just plain creepy. Jill is the mean girl this season. Is it me or is she getting more pathetic by the minute. Someone needs to sit her down and say "Bethenny is through with you Jill, LET IT GO!!!!! already.
All in all it was a great season. I'll determine next season if it's worth watching.
Oh by the way I've just started a new Preppy Blog. Pass the word around. I hope to see you there guys. Of course I'm following this site.

Miss Janice said...

Lord have mercy, I simply MUST start watching this show! My BFF insist that I do, plus everybody in blogland talks about and I have no idea what's going on. It surely must be a fun program:)

Tickled Pink Mandy said...

Great recap--- Im so sad they are done now for the season! :( I will miss these girls and their drama!

Wendy said...

Thanks for the great recap! I don't make a habit of watching any of the RH series. I just don't have patience for the drama. I do check in once in a while and at least have a clue about them, but don't ask me about story lines or plots...

Preppy from Bay said...

Love the show, watch all episodes, even the painful, exhausting ones of CRAZY Humpty Dumpty! and the three episodes of the reunion. I agree with everything you've said on your recap. I love and hate the same people you do. Can't stand Kelly, won't watch her either, she is clinical insane, has lost her mind, makes no sense what so ever and just aggravating to watch! Love Bethanny, so happy for her and her future. Love her new show. Although she's so sarcastic and sometimes critical (but honest and reminds me of myself) I love her and she truly has come out on top of all the Jill drama.

The Mrs. said...

OMGGGGG it was a three part train wreck! Kelly is frickin certifiable@ KOOKOOO!!!! Bethenny handled herself well and I am loving her new show! Are you watching?

Stacy said...

I agree with all of your assessments. Although I think Kelly has a book that came out pre-Bravo, some fashion thing about bikinis I think. She mentioned it last season when she was new.

I'm bummed though because I think Bethenny will not come back for RHONY and will just stick with her show. I'll miss her interactions with the ladies. She makes the show watchable - although I'm loving Alex this year and the addition of Sonja.


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