Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Sale

Happy first day of summer! I know most of y'all have been enjoying summer for many months now. We've been lucky enough this year to have a spring/early summer- something very rare up in these parts. I'm loving it! My mini garden is looking more farm like every day. (so if you have good squash recipes, please send them my way as I am about to have more than I will ever know what to do with!)

Y'all are such dear friends and have been so supportive over the years. Below are a few bags I am about to add to my etsy site. I made these samples to photograph - they have never been used other than me taking these photos on my bedroom door. But I want to offer them to y'all at a special summer sale rate just for fun. I typically sell the small ribbon bags for $65 (plus $12 SH). But I have one of each of the three below that I just made for $39. Plus $12 Priority shipping. They look great with any summer outfit! Just send me an email (pinkcrocodiledesigns @ hotmail . com) and I will send along a Paypal invoice. First come, first served.

Giraffe Print Ribbon

Burberry style stripe ribbon

Summer yellow ribbon


MMW said...

Oh Heavens! These are adorable.

Pink Champagne said...

Love these! Absolutely darling!


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