Thursday, June 3, 2010

Man's Best Friend

This made me smile. A man and his best pal, sitting side by side and driving down the road. Just as it should be, according to a certain four-pawed princess sitting on the club chair next to me right now.


Susan R said...

Gone are the days of a girl siddled up next to her fella in the cab of a truck I guess.
When did you get Miss Sadie? Was she a puppy when you got her?
I'm in panic mode with our new puppy. You would think I would know how to care for a puppy, I cared for 5 new born babies. Puppies are different I think.

Mary T said...

So cute! I have to admit, Miss Naive me, when I see a man with a loyal well trained dog I always think they are a good person,. ;)


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