Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Make Room For Style

Y'all know my bestie, right? If you don't, tsk tsk! Go over to her blog and meet her. She's fabulous! We're exactly the same and totally opposite all at the same time. And while I can put an outfit together and look presentable, she has an amazing sense of style. She wears heels!

Bestie is an accountant by day, designs stationary by night, plots a way to get prego by late night (or mid-day in the doctor's office), and yet she thought to herself....I need more. So she teamed up with this really awesome company to design baby nurseries and children's bedroom. This is so my dream job and I am green (with splashes of pink) with envy. I'm just sooo thrilled for her. As I said, she has impeccable taste. And don't let the accountant thing fool you. She might type numbers all day long but you can rest assured they are in dramatic shades of pink and chocolate with hews of gold and touches of white. She is in her element. So after you visit her regular blog, please be sure to stop by her new blog. If for no other reason than she is having a great giveaway. I said GIVEAWAY kids! We bloggers love a little giveaway love lately. I'm not telling you what it is. You have to go see to find out. But it's really great. You'll thank me.

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Buford Betty said...

You are a gem, missy! Thanks for the love! Just for you I'm going to round up an extra special order of pink and green 2's for you today! It's the least I can do...

Love you lots! xoxoxo


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