Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Girls Were Great!

For the three other preppy Indigo Girl fans out there, the concert was AWESOME! I so much prefer seeing them in small venues (such as the EGG- where I saw them on Tuesday) because it is so much more personal. I love when they chit chat with the audience and add in personal anecdotes.

I do however, have two complaints regarding the concert. Neither have a thing to do with the Indigo Girls themselves. My beef is with the audience. I know everyone has phones with cameras these days. But why exactly is it cool to take a picture in a concert? I mean, they are not doing Brittney dance moves or anything. No hanging from the ceiling or lion tamer tricks. Just two girls singing and one girl playing piano. You can google to get a much better image of any artist than you can take with you camera. Because not only is your picture going to be crappy and not worthy of long term hard drive storage, but it is also incredibly annoying to those of us not taking pictures. When a flash goes off it is an automatic reaction to turn your head in that direction. So I spent half of the show spazzing out when everyone around me was busy taking their selfish and crappy photos.

Also, the first four rows or so need to make sure to use the rest room before a concert. I have never been to anything in my life where people were up and down so much. It is a very small theater so when you get up and giggle with your best friend while running out and then back in, everyone else can see you. And it is annoying. So be sure to tinkle ahead of time ladies(and gentlemen- there were a lot of me there too)!

But the concert itself was awesome. Grab tickets if they are coming to your town soon!

I have very exciting news, friends! Are you sitting down? Guess who is wearing capri pants and a short sleeve sweater? ME!!!! It is so sunny and warm here today - I love it! And tomorrow might even reach 70!!!!!!!!!! Ah, life is fabulous right now. I have a headache and a lot on my plate but give me some sunshine and I am automatically a very happy crocodile!


Needs Help said...

So glad you had a great time at the concert! I'm jealous :)

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you did have a nice time Miss PPC, despite the cameras and up/down/up/down activity.

And yes, can you believe the weather?

Beth Dunn said...

Awesome that you had a fun! Have a great day. xo

Anonymous said...

So fun. Love the Indigo Girls. If you're wondering how much - let it suffice to say that my three year-old knows all of the words (or what she interprets as the words) to Closer to Fine. :-)

Jackie said...

Love the Indigo Girls! You are so lucky to have seen them in concert!

Lola Cupcake said...

Okay- look no further. I am a total prep and I LoVE the Indigo GIrls... their new CD is great!

adozeneggs said...

I missed last weekend up North, so I'm looking forward to the 80 degrees predicted for this weekend!


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