Monday, April 13, 2009


I hope everyone who celebrates either Easter or Passover had a relaxing weekend. I had a lovely Easter Sunday. Got up and went to a local church. Not my church or even my chosen branch of religion (it was an Episcopalian church) but it was beautiful- glad I went! It's actually one of my favorite churches in the world as the entire interior was designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany. Not just the windows but the pews and alter and pulpit and everything else. A-maz-ing!! All of my family was out of town so I cooked Easter supper for just Daddy-o and me (and of course Sadie too). So good- "one of those spiral baked hams", asparagus, biscuits and mashed sweet potatoes. Mmmmm! Of course if anyone has any suggestions of what to do with left-over ham, let me know. I usually freeze most of it but I am very open to new casseroles and other recipes. Cooking a ham for only two people has left me with pretty much an entire ham worth of left-overs.

OK, I know I have told this story on here at least once but it's such an "oldie but goody" that it's worth re-telling. Sort of like The Night Before Christmas every Christmas Eve. Think of this as a traditional Easter story for the ages. And Bestie's personal favorite.

Many moons ago I worked as a nanny/household manager in the DC area. Parts of the job were totally cush- not going to lie. (though small, small parts!) But overall, it was less play time with kids and more personal on-call therapist/paid best friend for the crazy mother. The mother, to give you a brief background, grew up in a very modest household. She was not, as they say, born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She worked hard and made her own millions. And married a man who was in fact eating dinner with said silver spoon. Anyway, enough of that tackiness. I just wanted to set the ground work so that you understood that the mom grew up with very few extras in life.

So the mom is telling me this story about her supposed best friend. The thing with this particular group of people was that they called each other friends but would slice them with a knife in a skinny minute if it so much as got them a better seat on the bus. So she was telling me about her "best friend" and how they spent Easter with her family one year. And it was horrible because they ate gross (read: trailer park style) foods. What sort of foods, you ask? Well I asked of course (knowing y'all would one day want to know too) and was told "one of those spiral honey baked hams!" But with the cadence of someone referring to something so beneath them and so horrible and so lowly and so less than and so disgusting that they can hardly get the words out. That job had lots of odd moments. But this is the story above any of the uber crazy things that I dealt with that has lasted the test of time. Every time she eats ham, Bestie emails me to inform me that she just enjoyed "one of those spiral hams."

And yes, I did read The Nanny Diaries. It came out around the same time I started that job. Little and I were nannies at the same time- together we could absolutely write a sequel to that book that is even more shocking that one can possible imagine. Oh those were crazy days!!


Laura Trevey said...

"Lovely" story !!
~~ Laura :)

Princess Freckles said...

Funny story!

Cesc said...

Funny story.
Have you watched the Nanny Diaries movie? It's totally fetch!

Elizabeth said...

That story is too funny - I too had one of those spiral hams this Easter :)

Molly said...

Great story!! Too funny!! We too had a spiral baked ham and biscuits, love to make little sandwiches with them! As for the leftovers I love ham and bean soup, so good, or a yummy quiche! Both very easy!


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