Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Sweet Miss Petit Prep gave me the Smile Award the other day. How fun! Now it's my turn to pass it along to a few of the many many blogs that make me smile every day. Feel free to pass it along...

KAPPA PREP. Hopsy has the best style and the sweetest personality. I love that she combines fabulous fashion finds with travel and art history. A little bit of everything...all in pink and green of course!

BUFORD BETTY. My bestie always makes me smile! This week her blog is all about fashion so be sure to check it out. She's super famous now too. But I made her promise to remember me, one of the "little people," when her TV career really takes off!

ENGLISH TEA. She's sassy and a mommy and designs stationary. I love her sense of humor. She has the best sister-in-law stories too!

THE PINK CLUTCH. Have you seen her Halloween pics? Hilarious! Plus she makes fun and fabulous things.

THE GIFT GUMSHOE. Her blog always lists the best products and gift ideas. I get the most unique ideas from her gift-tastic blog!

A DOZEN EGGS. She makes the most amazing cookies ever ever ever! And they are delicious too! If you are not yet clued into this fabu blog, go look now. See...I told you it was awesome!


Lulu said...

Congrats on your award!

Hopsy said...

Oh my goodness, THANK YOU! Also, I am not sure if I told you this already, but I love your new look!

Gifting Gumshoe said...

Thanks so much!! You're one of my favorites too!

Ellen said...

Very sweet!
I'm going private with my blog but wanted to send you an invite. I hope you'll come visit me!
Send me your e-mail to my blog today, or later to ellenc77@hotmail.com.
Thanks a bunch! :)

Buford Betty said...

You are a doll!

Cloggsy said...

Yay, thanks girl!


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