Monday, October 27, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Wow- I stink at tags and awards lately. I love them and always start them but rarely finish and publish them. I'm trying hard to be better. Thanks Pink Lemonade and Peonies!

1. Clothes Shop- I get lots of basics and comfy around the house clothes from Target. Everything else comes from JCrew, Gap, Banana Republic, Lilly and Vineyard Vines (most of which is purchased at TJMax or Marshalls).

2. Furniture Shop- I'm not in the market for furniture right now but I love catalog dreaming. My favorites include Pottery Barn and West Elm. I also love antiques and period pieces.

3. City- I love lots of cities including Washington DC, NYC, London, Seattle and Atlanta. Notice that my city is not listed!

4. Sweet- I love sweets and have a huge sweet tooth. Anything sugary and gummy. Twizzlers, gummy worms, Hot Tamales. For deserts, I love pie or cobbler instead of cake. Or creme brule. Or raspberries in zabaione sauce. Or flan. Or cookies. Pretty much anything other than chocolate or cake.

5. Drink- I drink mostly water but usually mix in a Crystal Lite to give it some flavor. I love Diet Coke but try hard to limit my intake.

6. Music- I am a die hard Indigo Girls fan. A close second is Bare Naked Ladies. But I listen to just about anything on the radio. It just depends on my mood.

7. TV- Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy. And I watch just about everything on TLC like Jon and Kate, 17 Kids, Little People Big World, etc...

8. Film- I'm actually not a big movie buff. But I could recite to you You've Got Mail. I love anything with Meg Ryan.

9. Workout- I walk for at least 30 minutes every evening with the dog but that's about it at the moment. This answer so needs to change if I hope to ever fit into the majority of my wardrobe again.

10. Pastries- I could live in an apple pie! Name a pastry and I will probably love it.

11. Coffee- My favorite is Starbucks Decaf House Blend. But if I go to Starbucks, I order a decaf non-fat latte with sugar free hazelnut.

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Lulu said...

Love your lists. These are simple, but fun to see everyones responses.


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