Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kreativ Blogger Award

Pink is My Signature Color was sweet enough to give me a Kreativ Blogger Award. Thanks Pink!! I'm totally flattered! So the rules are that I must list six things that make me happy....

1. My baby girl! Sadie never fails to make me smile big. She is the biggest lover ever. Every single morning she gives me a face full of sweet puppy kisses. She loves every dog she meets, even if they growl mean at her. She is just adorable and the best decision I have ever made!

2. Crisp, cool, sunny days. The weather can make or break my mood sometimes. Today was amazing outside. Therefore I am in an awesome mood. Ask me about my mood mid-winter when we haven't seen sunshine in more than a week.

3. My best friends. Bestie is amazing! She is so sweet and we always giggle about such silly things. Things that are not at all funny to normal people. But by golly do we laugh a lot. Georgia is just a peach! She is one of the two funniest people I know. And she is hands down the sweetest friend I have. Which might surprise you and she is likely unhappy I am letting the cat out of the bag. But it's true, she such a softie and has the best heart with a side of sarcasm. Florida is my oldest friend. We've been besties since I was 10 mos old. We go way back. She is the other funniest person I know. She still lives in our hometown and her talent for re-telling local gossip and hometown news is priceless. I am always always in hysterics. And last but not least, Little. She lives far away and I miss her terribly. We swear that we were separated at birth- we have that much in common personality-wise (we look nothing alike but whatever). And ironically, we were actually born in the same hospital, in a city that neither one of use grew up in.

4. Apple Pie. Specifically my apple pie but my aunt's is just as good. I ONLY make pie with home-made crust. I do not use butter (sorry Martha) and go all old school fatty-mc-fatty with Crisco. We did a taste test one year in my family and decided that Crisco is our favorite. Don't let this gross you out, but I actually love to eat raw pie crust. Florida used to find this repulsive as a kid but in my family I am not alone in loving the raw dough. I know, I know, it's kinda gross.

5. Fabric. OMG I have a wicked wicked addiction. I just love the colors and patterns and the feel of new cotton fabric. I mean, it could be worse. Drugs are worse, right?

6. Bagels. I. Love. Bagels! My favorite is rosemary olive oil from Brugers. Sooo yummy! They just might be my perfect food. Add lettuce and lox and cream cheese and it's like a complete food pyramid.


University of Iowa Meg said...

Yay! Congrats!

Preppy Lizard said...

I have the same fabric's gotta be better than drugs! ha ha ha

Meg said...

Um, raw pie dough? So not gross. There are times when I feel like I should double the recipe to account for the dough I end up eating. And homemade with shortening is the only way to go. Seriously.


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