Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Why So Private??

Did I miss the memo? Why is everyone going private in 2008? Should I be private too? Did something happen that made you feel the need to privatize? Many who are private don't share pics of themselves so I am thinking that something must have happened to scare you into the private corner. I hope everything is OK!! Or maybe you just don't like me reading your blog anymore? No, I am going to stick to my notion of something going wrong leading you into private bloggage. Fill a girl in, will ya?

Also, may I please be invited to read Coterie? Thanks much!!

Side note...does Blogger let y'all use spell check? Because it has not worked for me in several weeks. Argh!


Anonymous said...

Yah I have noticed a lot of blogs have gone private too. I think maybe some people wanted it so they could share whatever stories, pictures, etc. they wanted without worried about people they know in real life think. That is just a guess though. The spell check on my blogger has stopped working and it is driving me crazy. On the bright side usually whenever I have a problem with blogger I just wait it out and usally it fixes itself.

Michelle said...

Oh, good...I thought it was just me! One blog, in particular, that I really like just went private...I felt so left out!

DebbieDo said...

I went private because I think my topic is a bit controversial. I don't want to offend people and I think I have made a nice support group on here.

You are welcome to join my journey if you are interested...

email me at debbiehowarth at gmail dot com and I will send you an invite.

Anonymous said...

Coterie is on a break. She isn't posting.

Alexa said...

PLEASE DON'T GO "PRIVATE"! I'm not currently very techno-savvy, and I don't have my own blog or Google or Blogger Accts. So I feel rejected and deprived myself.

Also - I don't really comment, maybe just once or twice with a "me too" or an "I love that." So nobody knows me to INVITE ME. Boo-hoo! I really enjoyed the Coterie blog myself.

Anyway - PPC and Friends, please don't go private unless your really NEED to. I enjoy reading all your blogs, seeing your fashions, etc.


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Don't worry- I have no plans to go private. Although I have given a good bit of thought as to the pro's. But I think I like being open for others to see. If I ever do go private I promise to give oodles of notice though.


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