Sunday, February 17, 2008

Socks Questions Answered...

I seem to be bad at two things lately. The first is apparently checking one of my emails. Those of you who have exchanged emails with me for whatever reason (blog invites, swaps, random questions....) might notice that the email I used was different than the email posted on my blog. I was attempting to remain anonymous when I started blogging. But that plan went to "hell in a hand-basket." All the more reason for me to think more about going private. Hmmmm. But that's a different topic for another day. Anyway, I realized the other day that I had neglected to check my email (the hotmail acct that is posted on this blog) for a very long time. I totally missed participating in Chloe's virtual baby shower hosted by the fabu Grosgrain Garage because I didn't check my email. I missed several emails from other bloggy friends too. So if you emailed me and I never most sincere apologies! I was not ignoring you on purpose. I guess I am just a combo of forgetful and lazy. But I have learned my lesson. I promise to check my email like a normal person from now on!!

The second thing I have been terrible about is responding to questions on comments. Two recent questions were regarding the kiddie socks I "made." Yes, I am more than happy to make them for you if interested. Just email me at pinkcrocodiledesigns @ hotmail. I promise to check it and reply back asap. I have more ribbon than I know what to do with for you to chose from. Ribbon and fabric are like candy to me. I love them. Have to buy them. Often. In every variety possible. Oy vey!

But they are so crazy easy and I am not stingy. If you want to make them yourself, just let me know. I'm happy to email the directions to you.


Preppy Lizard said...

I love your socks. I am going to email you for the directions b/c they are just too cute!

Gabi said...

Hey there, if you do decide to go private, please send me an invite!!

Megan/Brassy Apple said...

Hello! Just wanted to pop in and say for the link on your sidebar! :)


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