Saturday, February 16, 2008

Strange Me

I was tagged by Pink, Green and Southern to share 7 strange facts about myself. So here goes....

1. I am obsessed with the Olympics. Obsessed! My favorite winter sports are men's and women's figure skating and snow boarding half pipe. And my summer sports are gymnastics, swimming and diving. But I will watch ANY Olympic sport with almost as much enthusiasm. Sports I normally could care less about and have no understanding of like hockey and kayaking have me screaming at the TV during the Olympics. I have always been this way too. I can spit out random facts from every game I have watched.

2. I am totally, 100% non athletic. I hate working out. I hate sweating. I have to trick myself into exercising by going to dance classes or pilates. Gyms scare me. Literally. I am so self-conscious and feel like everyone is staring at me.

3. I am also very self-conscious while grocery shopping. Specifically while checking out. I am not normally at all a self-conscious person. But OMG I totally get worried that the people behind me are judging me for buying an US Weekly or ice cream. It might be stating the obvious but I love LOVE self check out. It makes me actually enjoy grocery shopping.

4. I will clean my house multiple times each week if needed but I never ever clean my car. I don't have papers or trash or anything in my car so it is not messy. But it is totally dirty because I never wash it. I just never think about it until I have someone new (as in never been in my car before) sit in my car and then I feel bad. It needs to be vacuumed something fierce. But then the moment passes and I go back to not caring. Which is so odd because I don't hesitate a bit to vacuum my house any random day of the week.

5. I think of my dog as if she is my child. I don't mean that I love her. I mean, I LOVE her. She is just the most precious thing in the world to me. And I will totally have a conversation with her. I'm not embarrassed. Not only do I feel strongly about my pup but I feel this way about my friend's pups too. I actually do not find this to be strange but I know that most others do so ...

6. Even the smell of cucumber or watermelon make me dry heave. I likely ate them and threw them up as a tot and now just have a left-over Pavlovian Classical Conditioning effect. I can tell you if they have even touched a food I eat too- they are such icky, strong flavors. When I tell my father I don't like them, he always replies "but they are so refreshing." To which I always reply "not when they make you vomit, Dad!"

7. I love honey. I will eat it with Saltines or even plain. It is not uncommon for me to walk into the kitchen and have a spoon of peanut butter and then a spoon of honey as an afternoon snack. I love to buy different flavors from small producers at farmers markets. It is seriously one of the world's most perfect foods.

I tag anyone who wants to play along.


The Wife said...

This is funny because I love cucumbers and watermelon but honey makes me dryheave! When I was in first grade a man who raised his own bees brought a real honeycomb to our school and gave everyone a piece of fresh honeycomb to eat. One of the kids in my class LOVED honey and starting eating the combs that other kids wouldn't eat - including mine. Well, it was a hot California day and we were on the black asphalt playground and this kid had one too many combs and threw up all that honey. The smell of that honey on hot asphalt haunts me to this day.

Linda S said...

Just found your blog! Very cute! I think we have alot in common (except the dry heaving!)

I'll keep reading!

tulipmom said...

I can totally relate to #2,3, and
4. People who see my semi-immaculate house before my mess-of-a-car are always completely shocked at the dichotomy. D. teases me about my "trash can on wheels."

Rebecca said...

You mean you're not embarassed to talk to your dog but you embarrssed if people see you buy ice cream or a gossip mag?? :) Oh wait, that's me, too! LOL I TOTALLY know where you're coming from!

(more pictures of that doggie please, I have a Collie and love your little sheltie girl!)

Kate said...

Totally know what you mean with number 5. I miss my dog SO much!

Lily Goodwin said...

I love my dog to bits like you and I talk to him all the time. When he first came to our home I used to sing to him kiddie songs and do all the silly noises moms do. My neighbor, she rang the door to ask me If I just had a baby. She was sure I never had a belly, and she was curious to see the baby... LOL

Organic honey and thick greek yogurt are my favorite dessert.

Heather said...

Mmmm, now I am in the mood for some honey!

Puttin' On The GRITS said...

I, too, and very self conscious when grocery shopping. If I find myself in the freezer section wiping drool off of my face before grabbing a box of crunch bars and I look over to see Hottie McHot......I keep pushing my buggy...sans-crunch bars. I once saw a man buy nothing but several boxes of condoms and lube...not that I was judging. He was just being safe!


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