Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Snow Storm Blues

Last night we got snow. Then rain and then ice. It's nice. I'm thrilled. Knowing the storm was coming, I ran out to pick up a few necessities for a nice warm dinner. And since it was hardly snowing yet, I felt like I could take a few minutes to run into TJ Max (which is across from my grocery store) to see if they had anything I needed. I go through phases with my Max. Sometimes it is so good to me- spoiling me with treats for such steals. Then I can go months or more without finding anything more than junk. But last week I had luck so I thought I would go for round two. I found several fun goodies and the best was by far this set of four Lilly place-mats. Monkeys on one side and butterflies on the other. OK, so the snow is still coming down. But when I look at my happy place-mats....I can dream about warmer days with fancy things like sunshine!

Then home to walk the puppy (in the snowstorm- burrr!) and make dinner. Turkey meatloaf, sugar snap peas and roasted potatoes. My cousin Kim makes these amazing meals and last time I was at her house, these delish potatoes were served. I flipped- they were soooo yummy! But she cooks like Martha- a thousand and one ingredients and 12 course meals. I asked anyway and was thrilled to learn that this was totally my style of recipe (if you can even call it a recipe). I mean, I love me some Martha but on a daily basis I am much more in tune with Sandra Lee. She's just more practical. So are you ready kids? This is so super easy. Chop up a bunch of 'taters (and I had 1/2 and onion left so I threw that in too) and toss with this seasoning packet and two tablespoons of evoo. That's it. Totally yummy and easy side dish.


Tammy B said...

Have you ever tried tossing your potatoes with oil and Lipton (or Campbell's) onion soup mix? They are yummy also.

Preppy Lizard said...

Those potatoes look YUMMY! I may have to try them next week.

Suburban prep said...

What a great find with the placemats.
I might have to give the local Max and Marshalls a look soon.

Lauren @ Adventures of a Southern Newlywed said...

The placemats are so cute! How does everyone seem to find such cute Lilly at TJ Maxx? I need to check around more often.

I second what Tammy B says about potatoes with olive oil and Lipton onion soup mix. They are very good and easy!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I will definitly try the Lipton mix! Thanks for the tip.

And it is very very rare for me to find anything Lilly/VV at those stores. No one really wears Lilly up here so I imagine they send that stuff to more Lilly-popular areas. It was just a lucky find!

Kate said...

those look so good!!

Libby said...

Adorable place-mats, the perfect fix to the cruddy-weather blues. :)

Buford Betty said...

I second the Lipton's onion soup mix with the potatoes - good stuff.

LOVE the placemats!


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