Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy Super Tuesday!

I love politics! Today is like my dorky news junkie Thanksgiving! Election Day is like my dorky girl Christmas. I'm nervous and excited and love being able to participate with my vote! Don't you just love being American?! Soooo much fun. Or it is for goobers like me who refer to watching CNN newscasts as "having a chat with Anderson (or fill in the newscaster's name)." I craft, I bridesmaid, I like mindless TV shows like Big Brother and Real Housewives, I love all things preppy and pink, and I am a news junkie. There you have it- all my dirty little secrets are out!

Happy Super Tuesday, kiddos! Go vote!


Libby said...

We've been watching Wolf Blitzer all evening. You are not alone. ;)

Tammy B said...

I'm watching Chris Matthews on MSNBC. I'm a semi-news junkie. I am constantly reading msnbc.nbc.com during the day. I am a fan of Dan Abrams.

Buford Betty said...

Woo hoo!

Kate said...

I could not tear myself away last night & go to bed! (I think I am developing a big crush on Anderson Cooper too;)

TCP said...

You and me both! I was mad that Mr TC invited his parents over for dinner last night, interfering with my plan to sit on the couch and watch the nonstop coverage.


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