Friday, September 28, 2012

Tutorial: How To Make Your Own Elastic Hair Bands

These cute hair ties seem to be all the rage these days.  They claim to not leave a crimp in your hair- and I do see a big difference from regular hair bands (or wimpies as I grew up calling them).  They are so simple and inexpensive to make, too. 

For a few bucks and a few minutes, you can make a drawer full of cute hair bands.

* Fold-over elastic.  Can be purchased from any fabric or craft store.  I've found it in a variety of sections so take a minute to look around.  It's there in lots of colors...I promise!
* Sharp scissors.

* Measure your elastic to desired length.  I measured loosely around my wrist, because let's face it, we all wear them there.  For me, it was about 11", depending on width of elastic.  You want it to fit around your wrist with about a 1" tail. So I bent a piece over my wrist and added two inches.  Test it out before you cut 25 though.
* Fold in half.
* Tie a knot about 1" from the end.
* Cut the ends on a sharp angle.
* You can use fray check or burn the end with a candle flame if desired.  I prefer to burn the ends.
* To burn ends, light a candle in the kitchen (proximity to the sink...just in case...though I've never had an issue).  Carefully hold end- one at a time, close to but not in the flame.  You will immediately know if you are close enough as the end will melt and become shiny.  Just slowly move the end past (but NOT IN the flame).  It takes maybe two seconds per end.  Then it takes another two seconds for that end to dry and harden.  If you get it too close/in the flame, it will burn.  Not close enough and nothing will happen.  I promise you will know right away if you are the correct distance though.  If you're nervous, take a scrap piece and test it out.

**Note.  I used 1" wide elastic so I cut my length a little longer to make it easier to tie a knot and then trimmed a little more off the ends.  I just ordered some 5/8" and I think it will be a bit easier to knot.

***Update: I now only use the 5/8" width.  I think it works much better.  My best source is ebay.  So many colors and prints available at the best prices. 

These are made with 5/8" wide elastic- my preference.  They are identical to what you find in high end boutiques.

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Crafty Mischief said...

I'll have to try these with my girls. Our elastics are always breaking and I can tell that they're really hard on their hair, especially my little one's who insists on wearing a pony tail every day! Thanks for sharing! :)


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