Friday, September 21, 2012

Sometimes You Feel Like A Post, And Sometimes You Don't

You know how sometimes you have 400 posts brewing in your noggin and then other times, even the next day, your mind goes blank?

I'm in a mind going blank situation.

Just too many big things happening in my very little world this week.  Not enough elbow space to deal with my own thoughts right now.

But I am TRYING sincerely trying...and often failing...but the fact that I am really trying should count for something remind myself of positives in my life. 

So this is perhaps a boring post to most.  And that's fine.  But I need to see this written down that my salty season is also filled with a lot of sweetness.

Today I am grateful for...

1. Sunshine.  I always say that I can ultimately deal with any frigid temperature (read: I can deal, not relish) as long as there is some sunshine.  It completely changes my mood for the better.

2. Pumpkins.  It's funny to me that I never liked anything pumpkin growing up.  And now I want everything to be pumpkin-ized.  I love decorating with pumpkins, baking with them, drinking them in a cup-o-spicy-crack from Starbucks, and cooking with pumpkin in savory dishes.  It's just such a happy squash!  Someday I will have a yard big enough to grow them too.

3. New Undies.  Every girl knows that a day can be made or broken by a single undergarment decision in the morning.  I recently made some new and necessary purchases and let me tell you, that can often prove to be a life changing decision.  I sometimes wonder of politicians would be less ridiculous if they just bought a new pair of under-roos.

4. Madras Pants.  OK so I wear them all summer too but I really think dark madras can carry you (or just me?) into fall on warmer days with cute loafers and a sweater.

5. The Comment Of A Stranger.  Last weekend, in a meeting, a girl I don't know told me that she saw me at another meeting earlier that year.  And didn't really know who I was but recognized my dress was Lilly and I was also rocking pearls.  And she immediately decided who I was based on that description.  My reputation, for better or worse or overly pink, precedes me.  And I sort I like that!


Lori said...

You have SO much to be grateful for, love the list!!!! (and it always helps to be reminded of the simple sweet things:)
Love pumpkins, new undies and I completely agree about madras....wore a madras dress today!:)

Ruth said...

I love the underware & politican idea


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