Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Boots On A Budget

I have been writing a post for the better part of a week now.  But I am just not ready to hit publish.  So until I figure that out (and edit down the rambling novel), let's discuss a very important topic.


Because I need them.

I did just pick up an adorable pair of pink wellies on clearance from Target.  For $9.98.  Holla!

But I also need a more neutral pair.  I wear wellies pretty much all winter.  They are so much better than ugly Uggs (which for the record, I do also wear, because they are comfy despite their total ugliness).  Not only do I have a rockin' collection of cozy knee socks, but I also discovered the awesomeness of a wellie sock from LL Bean.  So my feet stay toasty warm from the double sockage and completely dry from the rubber boot. 

These are cute and cheap from Payless.


These are of course awesomesauce from Hunter.  I've never actually worn a pair of Hunters though.  Does anyone know how they fit, size wise?  I flux between and 8 and an 8.5, depending on the shoe.  So I get nervous ordering something I've never tried on in person.  But I'm curious as they are on sale at Ruelala and Gilt from time to time.


I have been searching high and low for years.  YEARS.  For the perfect pair of riding boots.  Oh geeze...so my waist is wide.  And my chest...is blessed.  But my legs...those are hot to trot skinny minny.  Which is nice.  Everyone has a good feature, right?  I look good in skirts and dresses.  But boots...oh boots.  They are all flopsy mopsy on me at the top. 

I swoon for these Tory Burch boots but there is no way I would pay that price. Up here, your shoes need to be prepared to endure months of slush. It's this fantastic mix of snow, ice, mud, car exhaust, salt and sand. Delightful. And destructive on footwear. So momma does not invest a lot in winter shoes as they often need to be replaced after one or two seasons.


These are cute too from the Target website but I've yet to see them in the store.  Target shoes are hit or miss...usually miss...for me.  They are so dang wide.  And my piggies are like my legs, skinny.  But you never know so I am hoping they come to a store near me soon.


JC Penny has a bunch of cute boots.  These made me think of Kate.  And they're on sale for $20 to boot.  Ha- I crack myself up!


If I had not just bought pink wellies from Target, I would snag these right up.  I like them better actually (in the photo anyway).  From Walmart.  Who knew?  I avoid Wally World like the plague...mostly because I worry I might catch a case of "I wear my pajamas and slippers in public places-itis" in there.  Gah.  They don't yet make a shot for that.  But it seems that the shipping charge on these cuties is only $0.97. 



And I think these look so dumb.  BUT...they are boots with my beloved Georgia Bulldawgs (yes...they have lots of other teams too....some looks less dumb than others....like Ole Miss is way cuter) on them so I had to represent.



Carley said...

Love those anchor ones from JC Penny!

Ruth said...

I agree with you on target shoes.

Ker said...

I read this and immediately had to check if WM had Syracuse University boots - and they did!! Thank you for the heads up on that - how fun! They're kind of ugly (bright white boots with little Otto the Oranges scattered on them) but I don't care - they'll keep my feet dry on game days when we're hiking up the hill to the Carrier Dome!


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