Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Need Wine?

I have only recently discovered that you can get great deals, often nearly free, on wine when you buy online from a deal site. There really is a website for everything, y'all!

So here's the skinny...

It's similar to Rue.  Click the link above to Lot 18 and sign up (just your name and email). When you sign up right now, you automatically get a $15 credit. But don't buy anything yet. The key is to wait for a week when they are offering free shipping. It should make for some very inexpensive wine!

Even if you don't drink, wine makes a timeless hostess or holiday gift. It lasts forever so it won't go bad if you don't need to use it for a while. And it's a fun way to enjoy a little treat on a very budget friendly plan.

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Susan R said...

PPC: Sorry my response won't have anything to do about this particular post...just responding to your comment.
No, I didn't get any negative comments at all, actually, quite the contrary. I particularly enjoyed your comments and the friend who prompted the post was even lighthearted about comenting. I seriously just decided that, even though I meant it humorously, it was a big long bunch of negativity and at the risk of possible offending someone, it wasn't worth it to me. I also had to think that there are a lot of people out there that HAVE to use coupons just to get by and that my post would certainly be offensive to them, so I thought it best to remove it.
Furthermore, you will be happy to know that I took my kids to Chick fila (I'm not a fan of that place)yesterday and I didn't pay for a single chicken sandwich. The kids had a bunch of free chicken sandwich coupons and I thought I would put the process to the test. When I handed the coupons to the cashier I was thinking to myself, "This is never going to work", but alas, we didn't pay a penny for 6 sandwiches. I was kind of giddy after that. I actually started thinking I would have to check into this coupon thing further. How's that for some insane irony?


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