Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Very Fun Deal Today

Ah, I'm a stinky blogger lately.  I've just been in a strange mood.  The short of it is that I lost yet another friend to cancer this week.  And it's really hit me hard to think about my own life, being alone, etc.  I'll be fine.  I mean, it's not like there is any other option.  But I've not been in a very bloggy mood.

But to change the subject, this is a fun deal and I wanted to share should anyone want to take advantage.

Are you familiar with Eversave?  It's similar to Groupon and the like.  I continue to have a lot of success of these sites.

Well today on Eversave, you can purchase a $50 gift voucher to Abe's Market for just $25. And if you sign up today, you will automatically get $3 off for signing up with Eversave. But it gets better, y'all! If you use the code SPOOKY at checkout today only, you will get another $5 off. And...if you purchase $49 or more at Abe's Market, shipping is FREE.

So for $17, you should be able to get $50 worth of goods from Abe's Market via Eversave today!

Abe's Market is newer to me but I love love it! It's like an online store of goodness. Everything from gluten free foods, natural foods, baby items, toys, make-up, pet items, clothing and more. It's just completely awesome!

I plan to stock up on gluten free snacks. But the opportunities are really endless. Can you tell that I love this website?!

So sign up with Eversave or log into your existing account and take a glance at the daily sales. Today I am all about Abe's!


Susan R said...

We don't have an Abe's Market in our neck of the woods, but guess what??? I used some coupons at Costco the other day. No foolin'. See what you couponers have started. A self proclaimed coupon hater and I'm using them left and right now. It's actually kind of fun.
I know this comment sounds pretentious and ridiculous, but it is what it is.

What Kate Wore said...

I'm so sorry you lost another friend Miss PPC, that really stinks. It has been a tough year for you, I am sending a big hug your way, and hopes November and December are kinder to you. (It's me, honest it is, just blogger being beastly.)


pve design said...

How good of you to share such fun deals with us. I lost a good friend too, to the Cancer battle and I think of her each day. All we can do is celebrate the little things and if it is saving, then so be it. I used coupons just yesterday and the cashier told me, :wow - I wish my Mom was as thrifty as you: - We can all learn from others....and to cherish each day.

pve design said...

snow boots? I cannot believe that it is snowing in October up there! -

Dr. Blondie said...

So sorry about the loss of your friend...


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