Friday, October 28, 2011

It Snowed. In October.

Well it snowed here yesterday.  In October.

I know I kid that I live in the North Pole but y'all know that's a joke, right?  I don't actually live next door to Santa.  There's an entire country between me and the Clause family.  So we should not be getting snow this early in a season.  Especially when the season is technically fall.

But it snowed anyway.  Despite my well-organized protests and astute objections.  Heavy, wet, thick, messy white stuff fell from above.  In October.

It stopped before midnight, when we then experienced our first freeze.  New Englanders everywhere know that this is a fluke.  To have snow before your first hard freeze.  Though for the life of me I can't come up with why any of that matters.  But weather men like to make a big BIG to-do about the matter.

Today it's cold but sunny.  Which is lovely.  I can handle any temperature (within reason) as long as we see sunshine.  Until you turn on the dumb news again to see that the snowstorm that just passed through town is likely to double back this weekend.  A re-run.  Because we didn't get enough the first go-round.  In October.

And that is why I want to move. 

Snow is December is delightful.  January can be lovely too.  February is heavy but part of living up here.  March is wet and gross but also expected.  But October is completely unacceptable.  Quite frankly, Mother Nature, it's down right rude.

I miss summer so much it hurts.  My clothes are so much cuter in the warm summer months!


Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled said...

I could NOT agree more. In fact I just "petted" all my Sprin/Summer Lilly Gorgeous shifts, skirts and more and tucked them all neatly into garmet bags. Over the next FOUR or FIVE terrible months I shall take them out, pet them, sigh, and again tuck them away! I am ticking off the years until I retire at the beach, thank goodness the condo is already purchased and I can visit my HOME afterall! Hang in there!!!!

Mrs. Kindergarten

REBrown said...

Luckily it didn't snow here (yet) last night. I'm just waiting - ugh I hate winter.

Suzanne said...

Oh, I hear you! I don't mind the snow from December through February, but once March arrives I'm ready for a warm up! Thinking the mid-Atlantic states might suit me better...

Ruth said...

When I heard about that all I could think was I thought that only happened in North Dakota. Which it did one year I lived there.


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